Easy Being Green... if you're a Giant Teddy Bear!

Friday, July 25, 2014
A Green Giant Teddy Bear's Essay... Green for Every Reason & Season

huge green teddy bear

Hi, I'm Willy Shags, and I'm a huge green teddy bear from Giant Teddy. I have the softest green fur you'll ever feel (but if I don't know you, please ask before you touch me, I'd hate to call you grabby and trust me, when you see me you will get the Must-Hug-Adorable-Bear urge.)

I think I'm the best color for a teddy bear because green is perfect for any holiday, any season, any occasion. Think about it. I'll even start with January...since green teddy bears are logical: )

-Green is renewal (Jan)

-You'll spend a lot of $green on Valentine's Day OR be green with envy that your bestie got a big Valentine's teddy bear and you didn't... and may I suggest that a green teddy bear for Valentine's Day would be a refreshing change? I love my pink, white and read bear friends but I love celebrating love too! (Feb)

That's Bitsy Cuddles from Giant Teddy
That's Bitsy Cuddles from Giant Teddy & I'll admit, her red teddy bear fur makes her pretty for Valentine's Day... but green is great too! -Willy Shags

-St. Patrick's Day green teddy bear? Yes please, so lucky! (March)

Patrick's Day teddy bear
My friend Kay made this picture of me to show what a great St. Patrick's Day teddy bear I am!

-April 15th you hope you are getting green back (we won't talk about the alternative on tax day) (April)

-April showers bring May Flowers with green stems growing in green grass and doesn't your mom love you to eat your green veggies? Happy Mother's Day with a green bear! (May)

Mother's Day panda bears
Mother's Day panda bears are cute too (even if not green) 

-June is the start of summer and everything is outside where it is - what color again? Oh yes, GREEEN. Dad's love to mow the grass. Father's Day ties often have green. Graduation should mean a Giant Teddy bear gift.... me. (June)

-July means picnics. On the green grass. Oh yeah. (July)

Enjoying Teddy Bear Picnic Day with my family
Enjoying Teddy Bear Picnic Day with my family (even if they aren't green bears)

-August means back-to-school and of course, everyone needs a huge green study-buddy-bear (August)

-September we're all ready for some Football! Played on? A green field. Watch the big game with your big green teddy bear! (September)

-What's the scariest color for monsters? Green. Halloween witch faces? Green. Oozing things that go bump in the night? Green. I love Halloween!
Everyone is thankful for life-size green teddy bears
I make an Excellent Halloween Teddy Bear!

-Everyone is thankful for life-size green teddy bears, right? And many other wonderful things of course : )  (November)

number one color for Christmas
Green is something to be thankful for! And life-size teddy bears too...

-What is the number one color for Christmas? Green. Trees, wreathes, presents, decorations AND Giant Teddy Bears for Christmas. I even heard Santa originally wanted a green suit but felt the red would show up against all the other green better (that may be a rumor, I can't confirm the source.) (December)

Read the Outrageous Excuses given by my fellow bears on how my beloved Christmas Sweater ended up missing: Top 10 Reasons Willy's Ugly Sweater is Missing

There you have it - a year full of reasons why green teddy bears are perfect no matter what the reason or season. Yay green!

I have a lot of fun on Twitter (might get to join the #teddybearscouts, that sounds fun) & Facebook (about to hit 20k Likes this month, woohoo) I hope you'll hang out with me sometime.

Even better? I wish you'd invite me to live with you or send me to someone you love for the perfect teddy bear gift. I'm the cuddliest, most loyal bear friend you'll ever meet.

And I might even loan you one of my Christmas Sweaters (they are NOT ugly no matter what you hear.)

Willy Shags, Giant Teddy brand bear

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