Top 5 Reasons to Get your Girl a Giant Teddy Bear

Friday, July 25, 2014
If you really want to impress her, get her one of the biggest, softest, cutest teddy bears in the world. Giant Teddy has so many colors and styles you'll find the perfect bear to melt her heart. Be prepared with lip balm... you are so getting kissed. 

BooBoo Shags huge cream teddy bear with an I Love You
BooBoo Shags huge cream teddy bear with an "I Love You" heart will win HER heart for sure! BooBoo is available in lots of sizes at

Top 5 Reasons to Get your Girl a Giant Teddy Bear
Life-size purple teddy bear
Life-size purple teddy bear? Yes please! 

  1. It will show her your "I'm sensitive" side... without you having to cry (though crying is optional. Your call.)
  2. Thank you hugs are just about guaranteed and will, of course, be giant like the teddy bear you just gave her.
  3. Her friends will totally envy her (it's a good thing in this case... you don't understand how girls think do you? Trust us.)
  4. You can put a personalized shirt on the bear and say something really sweet, your anniversary date, her b-day, her cute nickname for you, anything (she calls you sweetums doesn't she?)
  5. You will be a gift-giving hero forever after she gets a Giant Teddy. You can do no wrong, she'll forgive anything... OK, maybe not but you can probably miss taking out the trash once. If you apologize immediately. 
Giant Teddy makes some of the world's biggest teddy bears but we balance total cuteness with giant size to make them completely awesome. Send a giant teddy bear to your girl and life will be so sweet! 

ChaCha Big Love, BIG hot pink teddy bear
Is your girl a fan of pink? We know pink. We have lots of pink teddy bears - this is ChaCha Big Love, BIG hot pink teddy bear. But we have so many other colors too... come see!

Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, holidays, ANY DAY is a great day for a girl to get a huge teddy bear from you. 

We include a personal card with every teddy bear gift we send with a whopping 70 words allowed so you can be brief or wax poetic about how her beauty makes the world a better place (you can use that idea, no charge.) 

FREE Shipping on any size Giant Teddy brand bear to the 48 Continental United States (4-6 days for delivery) and Overnight and 2nd Day also available. Plus, we'll ship internationally to most countries - ask us!
*Some restrictions may apply, please see our Shipping Page for details. 

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