Sunny Cuddles and the Lemonade Stand

Saturday, July 26, 2014
I need some quick donut money.

What is a Giant Teddy bear to do? Hmm, what?

Oh, sorry! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sunny Cuddles and I'm a big life-size teddy bear with (if I may say so) the softest mocha brown fur you'll ever feel.

My name is Sunny Cuddles
My name is Sunny Cuddles & I love warm hugs (sure Olaf says it in "Frozen" but I can say it too, hugs are totally my thing.) 

Some people say I'm quite handsome in fact. (They do so, Cozy Cuddles, you stop laughing.)


My cousin Cozy Cuddles (he's the huge cream teddy bear in my Cuddles Bear Family) has always fancied himself a lemonade stand mogul, so I called him up and suggested we fire it up and take the neighborhood by storm.

adorable huge teddy bears
2 adorable huge teddy bears... icy cold lemonade... how will people resist us?

We set up and waited for our first customers.

Hmmm, plastic pink flamingos don't seem to be flush with cash. They did not buy any.
These pink flamingos don't seem to be thirsty
Things were slow at first. These pink flamingos don't seem to be thirsty...but that won't keep a Giant Teddy bear down!

Finally! This guy spotted us, and smiled. You know, we get that a lot. Giant Teddy bears make people smile, and they ask for hugs a lot too.

(Of course we really love hugging our very own humans who have us come live with them in a Forever Bear Home... you can pick any bear on Giant Teddy and do something called 'buying' and Bear Travel sends us out with Free Shipping in the Continental US)

He asked about our lemonade stand and we proudly told him we were the big bear proprietors and had made the lemonade ourselves.

big cuddly oversized teddy bears
He seemed happy to buy lemonade from big cuddly oversized teddy bears.

He had cash!

But for this price we do require customers to pour their own. Self-service keeps our overhead down. And Cozy gets mad when I pour because I insist on a quality control sip out of every cup. How can I be sure our jumbo teddy bear standards are being upheld?

Giant Teddy bear lemonade stand
Our first customer of the day at the Giant Teddy bear lemonade stand (self-serve only)

He seems to like it...

Giant Teddy brand lemonade recipe
Yum-yum-yum, he loves it - it is our own Giant Teddy brand lemonade recipe.

And now I have a dollar. That'll get me a donut. Time for my break, see you later, Cozy Cuddles!

Sunny Cuddles zooms
Sunny Cuddles zooms off to buy a donut with his lemonade stand profits. Be watching for a big mocha brown teddy bear zooming around town.

Have a fun day... and if you see a huge cream teddy bear waving his paw at you, do him a solid and buy a cup of his lemonade. It is deeeelish on a hot summer day!

Sunny Cuddles
Giant Teddy brand bear

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