Goodnight Giant Teddy Bear Cutie Chubs

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Goodnight Sweet Teddy Bear
Cutie Chubs is a Giant Teddy bear with amber brown fur - help us tell him goodnight!

Every night, all the bears from Giant Teddy get ready to dream sweet dreams. Some of them are so happy and lucky because they live with people they love in their Forever Bear Homes.

Some of them still live at Giant Teddy HQ, just waiting to be the perfect huge teddy bear for someone very special (maybe you!)

All of them are adorable, cuddly, and the softest teddy bears in the world.

This is Cutie Chubs. He has plushy-soft amber brown fur (you'll love touching it) big chubby teddy tummy, and even a cute little bear tail. He's a very big bear!

We think he's getting sleepy, so let's help him say goodnight...
Cutie Chubs Giant Teddy bear in sizes up to 6 feet tall... that's a whole lot of goodnight bear hugs!

When the day is winding down and it is almost time for bed, he'll have a little snack.

Yum-yum, bedtime snack for sweet teddy bear Cutie Chubs

Bubble Baths are super relaxing...if he's very careful!

Teddy Bear Bubble Bath... 

Maybe another little snack.

Nothing like the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven as a teddy bear bedtime snack (he bakes a mean cookie) -Cutie Chubs from Giant Teddy

Time to brush teeth (minty breath? Yes please!)
All the snacking means excellent tooth-brushing technique is a must to avoid cavities. Even for big cute teddy bears!

Bedtime stories are so much fun.
Reading one of his favorite bedtime stories, "The Three Bears" with a doggy friend. Teddy bears love to hear stories with you at bedtime. 

And bear hugs goodnight? They make life so sweet.

A hug from someone you love at bedtime makes dreams really sweet - hug a Giant Teddy bear tonight!

Finally it is snoozy time for bears, including lovable Cutie Chubs.
He's off to teddy bear dreamland... but he'd much rather be snuggling with you at bedtime!

Shouldn't you have a Giant Teddy bear to call your own? There's nothing quite like drifting off to sleep with your big cuddly best bear friend keeping watch over your dreams each night. Kids or just kids-at-heart all love our big huggable bears.

There's a perfect Giant Teddy bear for everyone you know... fun all day and they give the best goodnight hugs ever! (Shown: Sewsie Big Love from

You can shop online anytime - never sleeps even if the huge teddy bears need their rest. Adventures do take a lot out of them! Shhhh.

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