BooBoo's Boogie Board Prize: BooBoo Shags is a Fun Teddy Bear!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Hi, I'm baby BooBoo Shags and I'm a Giant Teddy brand bear. You will NEVER guess what happened the other day...
That's me, Baby BooBoo Shags, with the vanilla cream fur in the front row (one of our Giant Teddy Shags Teddy Bear family reunion pictures)

You've probably seen me around (I'm the cute big cream teddy bear) I do a lot of work on Facebook & Twitter and love to have fun.

Me in my special occasions bow tie (I usually have on my brown scarf) I'm a very loving teddy bear - do you like my purple "I love you" heart? -BooBoo Shags giant cream teddy bear

Sometimes it is a huge BooBoo Shags you see around, but I'm the baby and I'm ADORABLE (well, that's what humans say... the other bears think I'm just regular!)

I look pretty fierce out there in the water... adorable teddy bears don't usually boogie board by the way. Harsh on the fur. But I had a special trainer (other bears, don't try this at home) -BooBoo Shags

You'll never guess what happened. I was having a beach adventure on my Bear Boogie Board and really riding the waves when all of a sudden a news crew rushed up and said I had just won the contest.

Just doing my Giant Teddy bear thing, being adorable and boogie boarding and it turns out, I've paddled my way into a contest! Who knew? -BooBoo Shags

Contest? I didn't know I was in one!

But it seems that being a soft, cuddly teddy bear with vanilla cream fur wins a LOT of points when you accidentally enter a boogie board contest.

The prize?

Wait for it...
I won! They picked ME, BooBoo Shags, to go on a European Vacation!

I get to go on a European Vacation!


One of my big brother BooBoo Shags Giant Teddy brand bears, he's a HUGE cuddly teddy bear with cream fur (and would NOT meet carry-on standards!)

I hope I fit in the carry on space. Good thing it wasn't a huge teddy bear out there boogie boarding in the contest - they are so big they'd need a first class seat. (Just to be clear, I will be in the First Class carry-on section....right? Well, I'll find out the details soon I guess.)

Meanwhile, I'll just be me, enjoying my #teddybearlife with all the other fun bears at Giant Teddy. I hope you hang out with all of us on Twitter, Facebook and here on our blog.

I love a good book... that's Cutie Chubs reading to me and Marty Shags (he's the cute blue teddy bear) You can meet all of us on

And once I'm off on my BooBoo European Vacation I'll share all of my travel adventures with you on Twitter, Facebook and right here on our Giant Teddy blog.

I can't wait!

You know, just a thought, but maybe you should get a Giant Teddy bear to hang out with and have fun adventures! We make the best gifts you'll ever give - or get. I have lots of cute relatives & bear friends in all different colors and styles and we are the softest bears in the world, I promise (but of course you think I'm the cutest one... right?)

BooBoo Shags
Giant Teddy bear

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