Super Moon Sunday: Shocking Secrets & Cool Links from Super Bear

Sunday, August 10, 2014
It's me, Super Bear and Today is Super Moon Sunday! 

Super Moon Sunday
Super Moon Sunday - everyone will be watching the night sky... and they just might see Super Bear fly across the moon on a teddy bear adventure!

That means that today, the moon will be closer to earth than normal, and the full moon will be huge & bright.

And you know Giant Teddy bears love anything giant and bigger than average (moons, pizzas, donuts - round things of all kinds.)

Shocking Secret: The Super Moon doesn't wear underwear. How else can it "moon" you? (waiting for laughter...why do I hear silence? Hello? Anyone?)

Cool Links for Super Moon Stuff:
What time is Moonrise?
Watch it live!
Super Moon Explained

Be sure you are looking towards the east for moonrise tonight - use this handy tool for finding out what time it happens where you live.  What time is Moonrise?

Then look up a few hours later when it is high in the sky. (Weird but it is technically "full" early this afternoon. I know, that confuses me too.)

You might see me fly by on an adventure, you never know. I have my cape dusted off and ready to go, just in case I'm needed to solve a world crisis or help a teddy bear pick up a dropped sandwich (also a crisis, especially if it was a Super Sandwich.)

You can also watch it all happen live on the Slooh observatory website if you have clouds or rain tonight. While watching you can tweet questions live to #SloohMegaMoon

The countdown is already showing (and you can go back and see meteor showers later this week.)

And if you sleep through it or miss it, the moon will be huge again tomorrow night!

Be sure you grab your Giant Teddy bear for your moon watching tonight - and if you don't have a big cuddly bear friend, stop by our website, They are rare and awesome, just like the Super Moon.

That handsome Sunny Cuddles from Giant Teddy waiting on the Super Moon
That handsome Sunny Cuddles from Giant Teddy waiting on the Super Moon - he's a super kind of teddy bear! 

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