Reasons for Being Late on Friday: A Sunny Cuddles Teddy Bear Top 10

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Top 10 Excuses Sunny Cuddles gives for being late on Fridays

adorable and cuddly with his soft mocha brown teddy bear fur and sweet face
He's cute, adorable and cuddly with his soft mocha brown teddy bear fur and sweet face. But he's always late on Fridays!

Sunny Cuddles is a very popular Giant Teddy bear. He loves to have fun, loves to eat, gets into lots of mischief... and he's always late on Fridays. See if any of his excuses work for you!

10. I let a human set my alarm clock and they put in the wrong time (they're all thumbs, poor things.)

9. I was completely on time, and then the President called to ask my advice about something Top Secret. I HAD to take the call.

8. I accidentally ripped Friday off with Thursday's page on my Donuts of the World daily calendar and so I assumed it was Saturday. These things happen. We'll laugh about it later.

7. It was total chaos... a chicken was trying to cross the road and traffic was backed up for miles. (I don't know why he was trying to cross the road though.)

6. I was pulled over and the police seized my car for a high speed chase after a desperate criminal (I think it may have turned out to be that chicken, who was crossing the road after a bank heist, but I'm not sure.)

5. I kept waiting for a Boy Scout to help me cross the street safely but nobody ever showed up.

4. My teddy bear horoscope told me that being on time would set off a chain of events that would bring catastrophe to everyone around me. I could NOT do that to all of my friends and co-workers.

3. It is Take Your Bunny Slippers to Work Day and I could only find one of my slippers. I finally found the other one in the fridge next to the chocolate pudding. True Story.

2. I was kidnapped by aliens... and probed. Please don't make me speak of it. Let's just move on with the meeting, I'll be fine. Eventually. But there's no need to take me out for lunch to make me feel normal again. What? You didn't offer to take me to lunch? Oh. They said my hearing might be "off" for a bit.

1. I was waiting for the "Hot Donuts" sign to come on at Krispy Kreme.

Sunny Cuddles is a huge brown teddy bear who LOVES his donuts
Sunny Cuddles is a huge brown teddy bear who LOVES his donuts! 

Well... we believe one of those excuses!

Happy Friday, whatever you are up to!

You can meet Sunny Cuddles and all of his big bear friends at - they make the most huggable gifts you've ever seen (but be sure you invite one home to live with you too!)

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