Sunny Cuddles, Free Shipping & a Pie Fork

Monday, August 18, 2014
Giant Teddy bears, Free Shipping, pie forks... it will all make sense in a minute. 

If you've ever met Sunny Cuddles or followed his many Giant Teddy adventures, you know he is a bit of a foodie.

And by "a bit of," we mean total and complete. He's a very snacky bear.

He's also a very sweet and cuddly teddy bear, which is lucky, since it makes it hard for the rest of the big teddy bears to get upset when he ignores his work in favor of his big tubby teddy tummy.

Today was pretty typical in the world of oversized teddy bears.

Sunny Cuddles, adorable mocha brown Giant Teddy bear, is having a meeting in his office with several other bears. Under discussion? How easy it is to get a big teddy bear delivered to you using Giant Teddy's Free Shipping option.

While brainstorming ideas on how to share the news about Free Shipping, the other bears notice Sunny start rummaging in his desk drawer for something... uh-oh. He's got his pie fork.

Sunny Cuddles is one of the softest big mocha brown Giant Teddy bears
Sunny Cuddles is one of the softest big mocha brown Giant Teddy bears we know. And also one of the snackiest...he keeps a giant pie fork in his desk. "For Emergencies"

Sunny Cuddles abruptly gets up from his desk and is last seen heading down the hall towards the Giant Teddy kitchen and break room.

Huge teddy bears look adorable
Huge teddy bears look adorable in our personalized teddy bear t-shirts... Sunny Cuddles loves to wear his "Pawesome" shirt around town (seen here from behind as he walks towards the kitchen...) 

He's found, in the kitchen, pie fork in paw, with a half-eaten cherry pie.

Sunny Cuddles, giant mocha brown teddy bear
"I cannot tell a lie... I chopped down this cherry pie and ate it and I'm not sorry." --Sunny Cuddles, giant mocha brown teddy bear

He looks up, shrugs and says, "I cannot tell a lie - I really wanted cherry pie."

And then he ate the rest.

It isn't exactly a George Washington learning moment... but it was about cherries and telling the truth.

And jumbo teddy bears with jumbo snack habits, free shipping, and pie forks. We hope it is all clear now.

Just a typical day at Giant Teddy. (It's a fun place!)

Meet Sunny Cuddles and all his huge bear friends on and take advantage of Free Shipping* while you're there!

*Restrictions Apply - see website for details. Eating pie or other snacks while shopping is optional. 

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