College Teddy Bears ease the loneliness!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Giant Teddy bears know that heading off to college is an amazing time full of adventure, new experiences... and sometimes, loneliness. 

Baby Tubs 3 1/2 foot teddy bear
College is a fun time but can be lonely. Shown: Baby Tubs 3 1/2 foot teddy bear with "I Miss You" heart from

Your college student might be living in a dorm with people they barely know, away from the love of home for the first time. And the family back home may be struggling with that empty place at the dinner table too.

soft bears in all sizes has soft bears in all sizes & colors...find the one your student will love!

Why don't you try Project College Teddy Bear with Giant Teddy? It will help your college student feel loved and make the whole family feel closer!

Step 1. 
Pick a bear from Giant Teddy that your college student will love. We have bears in so many styles, sizes and colors you are sure to find the perfect bear friend.

You can even add a personalized shirt on your bear with a special message from home, the name of the college, your student's name, etc. (5-7 words max.) Ask us for details if you need help personalizing your Giant Teddy bear

modeling a graduation style personalized shirt
One of our Giant Teddy bears modeling a graduation style personalized shirt - we offer many styles for every occasion! Just ask us. 

Step 2.
Have the bear sent to your home first. Take pictures with the bear sitting at the family dinner table, watching favorite TV shows with the family, sleeping in your college student's room at home and any other places and things that will bring them fond memories.

Step 3.
Send your Giant Teddy bear and all the photos to your college student in a fun care pack. You can include a gift card for a store, or some cookies (although we must warn you the bear might get snacky on the trip...) to ease the loneliness of being away at school. Add a note to let them know the bear is their link to all the things they love at home so they can feel that with them at college.

Step 4. 
Ask your college student to send pictures of the bear in the college dorm or apartment and any other fun places your student hangs out, like the library, since of course your student is studying non-stop (discreet cough) so that your family back home can also feel connected to your student's new life in college!


You can send a Giant Teddy directly to your favorite college student for a sweet surprise anytime during the year.

Giant Teddy bears are all about being soft, cuddly and lovable. Their job is to spread joy and comfort to everyone they meet. They are excellent at keeping your secrets, being there to offer a hug in good times and when you feel blue, and you've never met a quieter study buddy!

College students may be "grown up" and on their own, but we all need to feel the love and comfort of home now and then. Sending a sweet teddy bear friend who can share this amazing time in their lives is a great way to remind them you are always with them - no matter how far away you might live.

Stop by and get Project College Teddy Bear going today! All of our big bears would love to go to college and make someone beary happy.

And don't forget the back to school students still living at home! They'd all love a special teddy bear study buddy, too.

Sunny Cuddles is having trouble with his homework it seems
Back to School is more fun with a Giant Teddy bear! Sunny Cuddles is having trouble with his homework it seems...

school and college at Giant Teddy
Our bears are in sizes from 18in to life size bears 6 feet tall and every size in between! Find a fun friend for back to school and college at Giant Teddy.

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