I am a Teddy Bear with a Cookie Eating Problem

Friday, August 8, 2014
I don't know how these things keep happening to me. I mean, all the big bears at Giant Teddy KNOW how I feel about freshly-baked cookies.

And cookie dough.

And eating.

Is anyone else hungry?

Oh wait, wasn't I telling you a story?

That's right, about how I got into trouble with some cookies.

I'm so adorable, all big and cuddly with super soft mocha brown fur (that looks a lot like milk-chocolate chips) I don't know how anyone can think I'm such a mischievous bear. Do NOT believe all the stories you hear.


All my bear friends decided it was definitely an afternoon that needed cookies. We took a vote and decided on milk-chocolate chip and raisin (gotta get our veggies in somewhere) and DeeDee Cuddles said she'd make them.

DeeDee Cuddles has a secret teddy bear recipe
DeeDee Cuddles has a secret teddy bear recipe for her cookies. Shhh. 

She's so pretty, she's got soft purple fur and she loves to bake so sometimes I smell vanilla behind her ears. Sigh.

I just happened to be in the kitchen and offered to help.

helpful in the kitchen baking cookies
I am so helpful in the kitchen baking cookies...no matter what you hear. 

I don't know why she was so suspicious. Something about my reputation preceding me, whatever that means.

She got the cookie dough whipped up and I may have had a little taste.

Then she put them on the tray

DeeDee Cuddles uses a cookie scoop
DeeDee Cuddles uses a cookie scoop so they turn out nice and even and delicious. She's a great chef and bakes a pawesome cookie. 

popped them  into the oven and told me I had to wait.

I went off to see if BooBoo Shags had heard any more about his trip to Europe and then when I came back, there they were. All golden and delicious, cooling on the rack.

There was a note. Huh. OK...

Chocolate Chip Cookies
I really should have been insulted that the note mentioned me. Chocolate Chip Cookies, warm & gooey... I must have teddy bear self control. 

I had a few. And maybe a few more.

resist warm chocolate chip cookies
How is a big teddy bear supposed to resist warm chocolate chip cookies?

Then I might have left quickly when I heard DeeDee coming back to the kitchen.

I heard her yelling my name.

DeeDee Cuddles wasn't happy when she came back to the kitchen
DeeDee Cuddles wasn't happy when she came back to the kitchen. 

But I didn't eat them ALL... there was a chunk left.

I thought that was pretty generous
I left a note. It did not go over well with DeeDee Cuddles & the other bears...

I thought that was pretty generous.

I don't know why everyone is so upset about it.

Early bear gets the cookie...but just to be safe I think I'll go nap in my hammock for a while and let all the other bears get over it.

Have a great day!

Sunny Cuddles
Very Stuffed Giant Teddy bear

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