Friday Fun with Back to School Bears

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Fun with
Back to School Bears

Back-to-School time
Back to School with Giant Teddy is So much Fun!

Uh-oh. Don't look now kids, but it's Back-to-School time. Not to worry, a big softy cuddly bear from Giant Teddy can make it all better.

Well, some better.

OK, maybe we can't promise "better" but you'll have a super cute furry friend to hug you as you gently sob while setting your alarm clock for school. (Mom & Dad this might apply to you, too... why not get your own bear to hug?)

Everyone needs a BBF
Everyone needs a BBF (Best Bear Friend) for Back to School! Cozy Cuddles 4ft teddy bear w/cream fur from is perfect for the job.

And they can be SO much fun. For Friday Fun blog time, we asked the bears to put on their silly thinking caps (not difficult, they wear them all the time) and come up with some ways they can lend a paw to have your back when school starts.

Top 5 Excuses a Back-to-School Teddy Bear Can Help You Give Parents & Teachers this Year

1. "My bear ate my homework" Given their huge teddy bear size, most teachers are more likely to buy this excuse (might sell it better if you strategically place a bit of paper on your bear's mouth and tweet a photo to your teacher...)

2. My bear hit the snooze alarm and that's why I'm late for school. He said he needs to own his mistakes and he will gladly take detention for me.

3. My bear refuses to learn without motivational chocolate. Sometimes you need to humor creative genius, so we'll need special permission to have candy in the classroom (for the bear you understand, I just help with the wrapper clean-up.)

4. My bear is not finished with his report for school and needs to stay up a LOT later than his bedtime. I, of course, will hold his paw for support (and so I can't go to bed on time either. Sorry, but you did say I needed to learn responsibility?)

5. My bear is deeply ashamed that he insisted on talking on the phone and watching movies instead of helping me study. His behavior was distracting and did not create the proper learning environment. I know you and I are both disappointed, Mom, in this shockingly low grade I got on the test. My bear is sure he and I will both buckle down and do much better. Now let's put the ugliness behind us and go out for pizza - bear says it's his treat!
Looks like 4ft mocha brown Sunny Cuddles
Uh-oh. Looks like 4ft mocha brown Sunny Cuddles got the answer wrong... but having a Giant Teddy bear is the RIGHT answer for back to school and anytime!

Now how can you possibly live without a Back-to-School teddy bear from Giant Teddy this year? Shop Now - On Sale for a Limited Time.

Total Cuteness - get your favorite student a study buddy
4.0 in Total Cuteness - get your favorite student a study buddy from Giant Teddy to make their school year AWESOME! Makes a great gift for grandkids, pre-k to college... everyone could use a bear hug for school days.

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