Happy National Lighthouse Day from Giant Teddy

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
August 7th is National Lighthouse Day and some of our very own Giant Teddy bears would like to share a few of their favorite pictures to celebrate the day.

Happy National Lighthouse Day from Giant Teddy bear Cutie Chubs in Portland, Oregon

Giant purple teddy bear DeeDee Cuddles with mocha brown big teddy bear Sunny Cuddles at the Brant Point lighthouse on Nantucket

Cutie Chubs spends some time enjoying the beauty of Portland Oregon and learning about lighthouses! (He's a curious big teddy bear)

From the Giant Teddy Family Photo Album: Sunny's Great Uncle Horatio T. Cuddles, Lighthouse Keeper teddy bear (Sunny looks just like him!)

The rest of the big teddy bears at Giant Teddy are planning to celebrate by sitting on top of their desks with the lights out using big flashlights, pretending they are lighthouses. 

We suspect they just want to do it so they can play all day instead of working on their Teddy Bear Reports! Life is never dull at Giant Teddy - invite a bear home with you and you'll see what we mean.

Just a little more on Lighthouses in case you are a fan...

Lighthouses go back a long way, with mentions in the Illiad & the Odyssey in the 8th century BC.

They were part of the history of Egypt and Rome, evolving from primitive fires set to burn in the open to large structures with a complex system of operation.

Lighthouses guided ships, offering points of navigation for direction and safety.

And they are symbols of quiet romance with a rugged beauty all their own.

The first one in America was at the entrance to Boston Harbor, built in the 1700's and later destroyed by the British.

Lighthouses continue to play a role in maritime travel and evolve with technology.

There are a number of societies and groups devoted to preserving their character and history across our country such as The Lighthouse Preservation Society  and The United States Lighthouse Society if you'd like to learn more about their mission.

And if you want something fun and romantic to do while in the New England area, try dining in a historic lighthouse in Newburyport, MA.

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