Teddy Bear Picnic: Super Bear Adventure on International Picnic Day

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Wednesday June 18th is International Picnic Day! Giant Teddy bears love picnics and plan to celebrate all day long. 
DeeDee Cuddles, huge purple teddy bear and Sunny Cuddles, big mocha brown bear are packing a picnic basket to celebrate. Aren't they cute? 

What? You've never met a Giant Teddy bear?

You don't know what your life is missing!

Giant Teddy bears are the most adorable, cuddly-soft bears on the planet. They come in all colors, sizes, and teddy bear family styles... and the best part? They are big. Huge. GIANT! Even the smallest Giants are bigger than many other teddy bears.

How big? Giant Teddy bears come in sizes from 18 inches all the way to 6 feet tall. (You read that right - 6 feet!)

Where were we? Oh yes - the Giant Teddy bears were all getting ready for International Picnic Day. 

Everyone was packing a basket, with plans to meet in the big Giant Teddy park.

Cutie Chubs had his red wagon all packed up and ready to go.

Amber brown Giant Teddy bear Cutie Chubs comes in lots of huge sizes!

He got to the park first, so he took some time to play on the swings.

When you need a great gift idea, a Giant Teddy bear makes life fun... for anyone! 

But he heard a rustling sound, and turned just in time to see a bird fly off with a bag of delicious honey salmon sandwiches from Cutie's picnic basket!

Cutie Chubs hopped off the swing and ran after the bird, yelling. The bird dropped the bag over the lake and flew away.

Cutie ran onto the bridge and looked into the water (he saw a big turtle down there) and a little girl tried to help him but they couldn't reach the sandwiches.

Cutie Chubs, big amber brown teddy bear, looks in the lake for his missing sandwiches on International Picnic Day

Suddenly, they heard a noise and turned to look. Everyone in the park was pointing to something brown and furry running over the hill.

It's a bird - NO!

Well we know it isn't a plane, what is it??

It's Super Bear!

Super Bear, a mysterious (and some say devilishly handsome) Giant Teddy bear often appears when bears need help. Or there are free donuts. Few know his true identity...

Super Bear had heard the commotion, and was leaping into action. No delicious lunch would be lost on his watch.

Super Bear grabbed a fishing pole, aimed for the sandwiches and hooked the bag, reeling it back in. He handed it to Cutie Chubs who said thank you, and then looked closely at Super Bear.

"Wait a minute, aren't you..." Cutie didn't finish because Super Bear was running away, his cape flowing out behind him.

Then Super Bear tripped, fell, and rolled down a hill out of sight.

The little girl said, "Well, he may be Super Bear, but he's kind of clumsy, isn't he?"

Cutie Chubs laughed and waved goodbye as she ran off.

By then, Lady Cuddles and Sprinkle Chubs had arrived. Cutie told them what had happened.

Lady Cuddles looked around. "Where's Sunny Cuddles?" she asked.

Sunny came limping up over the hill, waving his paw. "I'm starving, let's eat!"

Giant Teddy Bear Picnic on International Picnic Day! Cutie Chubs (amber brown in a personalized shirt) Lady Cuddles (pink cuteness) and Sunny Cuddles (big brown teddy bear) all enjoying some watermelon.

All the bears had a nice picnic and a lot of fun.

Sunny Cuddles, big mocha brown teddy bear, challenges Cutie Chubs, oversized amber brown teddy bear, to some red wagon races after their picnic lunch

When nobody was watching, Cutie Chubs snuck off with Sprinkle to hold paws in the shade. They are quite the Bearmance item around Giant Teddy!

Sprinkle Chubs is a beautiful snowy white Giant Teddy bear with super soft fur - she and Cutie love wearing personalized teddy bear shirts! Add one to your Giant Teddy for a special personalized gift.

You know, the funny thing is, whenever Super Bear shows up, Sunny Cuddles is never there to see him. Huh.

Sunny Cuddles, life-size mocha brown Giant Teddy bear, says he doesn't know who Super Bear is... but he admires him greatly!

Get your own big teddy bear and have fun adventures all year long.

Happy International Picnic Day from all the huggable fun Giant Teddy bears!

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