Friday Fun Photo Blog: Big Pink Teddy Bear Summer Plans

Friday, June 20, 2014
Saturday 6/21 is the First Day of Summer!! What will a big pink teddy bear do for fun?

Lady Cuddles has lots of big pink teddy bear plans that will keep her busy all summer long. 

She's a Giant Teddy - they totally know how to have fun (while still being adorable, soft & cuddly big bears of course.)

Here's her Friday Fun Photo Blog of what a Giant Pink Teddy Bear plans for the summer: 

Isn't she a vision of giant pink teddy bear loveliness lounging on her pool float?

She may keep in touch with friends she made on the set (Lady Cuddles played the giant pink teddy bear on ABC's "Modern Family" and loved being a star! Visit her on our Bear Paw Walk of Fame Page)

Lady Cuddles likes to hang out with friends enjoying a cool drink on the patio (but she won't let Sunny Cuddles drink grape juice, it might stain her beautiful pink teddy bear fur!)

Lady Cuddles loves to hang out at the beach... but being a big pink teddy bear she knows how important sunscreen is!

Lady Cuddles! Should adorable, huggable pink teddy bears really be ogling the lifeguards? (She says "yes")

Lady Cuddles loves to build sandcastles on the beach with Sunny Cuddles (he's a silly big bear.) Their soft teddy bear fur feels good on the sand.

Lady Cuddles loves to go tubing down the river in summer! (Have you ever seen a Giant Teddy bear go tubing?!)

Lady Cuddles, big pink teddy bear, loves to picnic with friends in summer!

Sometimes a big pink bear just wants to hop on her bike and ride, wind blowing in her soft cuddly fur! (She speeds sometimes...)

A girl does love a sunset drive along the beach in her convertible! And big pink teddy bear girls are no exception.

Lady Cuddles loves adventure! She may be the very first huge pink teddy bear to conquer a zipline!

She might jam out on her pink Fender guitar...

Or sit in on a set with a rock band (Lady Cuddles is the biggest pink teddy bear drummer you've ever seen...)

But mostly, Lady Cuddles just wants to relax this summer. It is hard work being such a cute, adorable big pink teddy bear all year long you know!

Come meet Lady Cuddles and our other Giant Teddy bears... can you imagine how fun your summer would be with one of them around?!

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