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Friday, June 27, 2014
It's Friday, and at Giant Teddy that means something fun for our blog! Today we tell the tragic story of a romantic cookie gesture foiled by a snacky big teddy bear named (you guessed it) Sunny Cuddles. 

Here's what happened...in Sunny's own words.

So I was taking a little nap at Cutie Chubs' house when I heard him clanking around in the kitchen. I knew he had invited Sprinkle Chubs, a big fluffy white teddy bear that stole Cutie's heart, over for a romantic bear date. 

(They have quite the Bearmance going, always holding paws and looking at each other adoringly.) 

I wondered what Cutie was doing so I looked out and saw him getting ready to bake cookies.

Cutie Chubs makes his famous Honey Chocolate Chip Giant Teddy Bear cookies

Cookies! I love cookies!

He had all his ingredients out.

Cutie Chubs is a big amber brown teddy bear, and he's one of my best friends.

He mixed it all up - and then he tasted it to see if he had added enough honey.

Every chef needs to check the ingredients.

And then he tasted it again. I like his style.

And a Giant Teddy bear chef checks them twice. Isn't he the cutest big amber brown teddy bear ever?

He got the first batch ready to bake, and put them in the oven just as the phone rang. He went to answer it and I heard him talking to Sprinkle.

Big teddy bear making cookies... Pawesome!

I MAY have wandered over and grabbed the cookie dough bowl, and I MIGHT have scurried off to another room with it.

Sunny Cuddles, big brown cuddly teddy bear... and cookie dough thief

I might possibly even have eaten it all.

And that's about when Cutie came in and found me.

Busted! A big adorable teddy bear can't get out of this trouble.

Oh the shame.

Sunny Cuddles felt really bad - well, at least he felt bad that he got caught!

He made me wash the bowl and told me to get out so he and Sprinkle could be alone.

I was gathering up my things to leave when I heard the timer ding.

Cutie got the cookies out of the oven.

Yum! Fresh-baked cookies! Sprinkle Chubs is a lucky big giant bear (and always careful not to get cookie crumbs in her beautiful white teddy bear fur!)

Wow, they smelled sooooo good.

He was taking them off the cookie sheet and putting them on a plate.

Oversized Giant Teddy Bear, delicious warm chocolate chip cookies... what's not to love in this picture?

The doorbell rang - oh no! I was too late to leave before Sprinkle showed up. I heard Cutie tell her to join him on the patio.

I peeked out the window.

Cutie Chubs is a romantic teddy bear. He had done it up all classy, with flowers for Sprinkle and cookies and two glasses of frosty cold milk. Nice.

Ah, sweet Bearmance! Cutie toasts Sprinkle's bearish beauty with a frosty goblet of milk.

I was on my way out the front door. Really I was. But then I saw the plate of cookies. I thought I'd be a good friend and try one. You know sometimes the dough is good but the cookies aren't, and I needed to back Cutie if they were gross and Sprinkle choked on one and said she hated them.

Quality Control is important.

I am such a great friend.

I sat down with the plate.

Quality Control is important. That's all I'm saying. -Sunny Cuddles, Giant Brown Teddy Bear

I tasted one and said to myself, "Mmmm, this one is good - but that one looks funny. I'll just taste it to be sure." Because I care.

But as I was chewing I heard Sprinkle's voice.

"Oh Cutie, these are so good! Are there any more cookies?"

She wanted more cookies? I looked down at the plate.

Nothing left but a big plate of crumbs. And a very stuffed big teddy bear. 



I heard them coming. It was time for the empty cookie plate walk of shame. I had a feeling Cutie was not going to be happy with me...

Oh well. It's Friday. Happy Weekend!

Giant Teddy bears are all big, incredibly soft to hug, and come in sizes, styles and colors perfect for everyone you know. Send a big bear and their lives will never be quite the same again (but tell them to watch the cookies closely...)

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