Friday Fun: Sunny Cuddles, Big Bear Donut Fiend

Friday, June 6, 2014
We had a small... situation, so our normal Friday Fun blog is now more the Bear Tale of What Happened Today: Donuts & Sunny Cuddles teddy bear.

It's Friday, AND National Donut Day. Sunny Cuddles, one of our adorable life-sized teddy bears, has been in training for this day all year long.

Sunny Cuddles suffered a donut-related injury

He loves donuts. You may recall that last Friday, Sunny Cuddles suffered a donut-related injury when he fell out of his hammock trying to hold onto a chocolate glazed donut and had to go to the chiropractor (you can read about that adventure including pictures HERE)

This Friday, he started eating donuts as soon as the shops were open and didn't stop until lunch time.

Then he wandered off for lunch.

And went missing.

His TBRs (Teddy Bear Reports) were seriously overdue. He didn't show up for the staff meeting.

We issued a Missing Bear Fluffy Alert asking for help finding him

We issued a Missing Bear Fluffy Alert asking for help finding him.

We tweeted our Twitter base looking for him. We let our Facebook friends know he was MIA.

Reports were pouring in from all over:
-Sunny was on a plane to Omaho to join the rodeo

-He had been spotted at a donut place wearing a yellow backpack and grabbing up free donuts.

-The CIA had recruited him for super secret undercover bear work.

-Sunny Cuddles was informed he was America's Next Top Bear Model and he rushed off to NYC to sign a contract

-He was skydiving off the coast of Maine

-Sunny was in a hot dog eating contest down in Texas

-A bear matching Sunny's description wandered into someone's yard and ate all the donuts they had out for a party, then waddled quickly away and boarded a bus heading north. (Verified Sighting! But the trail went cold fast, around lunchtime.)

The sightings and reports kept coming but many were discredited fairly quickly (though we wondered about that hot dog eating contest, that seemed pretty credible) and the search continued.

IMs were popping up on all the computer screens in the office with alerts asking about Sunny.

Everyone thought someone else had already looked in THE most obvious place of all. Then we realized nobody had actually looked.

And we found him.

Asleep under his desk in a donut-induced food coma

Asleep under his desk in a donut-induced food coma.

He had this statement written out:

I, Sunny Cuddles, am an adorable and cuddly giant brown teddy bear. We all know that.

But I'm also a patriot and when there's a National Day of Celebration, I do my civic duty to the fullest. 

And boy am I full. After the 36th donut I thought I better have some lunch, so I headed for my favorite foot long sandwich shop (I felt I should eat light after all the donuts.) 

I was on my way there when I noticed a table set up in a backyard and a giant plate of donuts. Just sitting there. By themselves. They looked sad. So I ate them. 
This photo was positively identified as Sunny Cuddles
This photo was positively identified as Sunny Cuddles after forensics from the scene confirmed he had written "Pawsome" in the powdered sugar.

Then a bunch of people started yelling about some bear eating their donuts and snapping pictures of me so I headed for the nearest bus stop after leaving them a little note in the powdered sugar. 

The bus dropped me off out in front of Giant Teddy HQ but nobody was around, so I went back to my desk where I was going to be hard at work on my TBRs. 

But I dropped a paperclip and was down here trying to find it and decided to rest my eyes for a second and that's when you came in and found me. I'm not really asleep while you read this, just, uh, really resting my eyes hard. They got a lot of powdered sugar in them today...

I feel sure I'll get an extension on my TBRs since this was clearly a matter of National Security. How would it look if a big cuddly bear wasn't celebrating?

And if for some reason it won't get me an extension... Oh! My BACK! I think I hurt it again while twisting in my chair to get the paperclip off the floor. I'll need to go see the chiropractor again. And obviously can't turn in my TBRs until next week. 

-Love, Sunny Cuddles

We've called off the Missing Bear Fluffy Alert. Thanks for your help in trying to find him, and we apologize for his behavior to the people who had their backyard donuts eaten. We'll see what happens with the Overdue TBRs but we predict Sunny is going to be a busy bear next week. We hope you have a great weekend!

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