Friday Fun Blog: Sunny at the Chiropractor

Friday, May 30, 2014
It's Friday, time for one of our Giant Teddy Fun Blogs! Each Friday we let one of our cute cuddly bears tell you a story, real or imagined.

Sunny Cuddles has had a really hard day so we thought we'd let him blog about it...

Adorable Giant Teddy Bear
Hi, I'm Sunny Cuddles, Huggable & Adorable Giant Teddy Bear and I'll be your guest blogger today.

OK, first of all, I'll freely admit that part of what happened was my own fault. Sure, I could have gone to the morning staff meeting at the Giant Teddy office, and maybe the day would have gone differently, but I really like 3 day weekends and thought maybe I'd seen a note about one...

OK, it MIGHT have been a note I wrote to myself, but let's not point paws about these insignificant little details right now.

It's Friday. I didn't want to go to work and do TBRs (Teddy Bear Reports) so I decided I was taking the day off and headed for my hammock.

chocolate glazed donut

I was relaxing with a dozen donuts, watching the clouds change shapes, and was just about to eat a chocolate glazed donut when it slipped out of my paw. I tried to grab it before it fell, and somehow the hammock twisted and dumped me on the ground.

"Ow! My back! My neck! Help!" I yelled in a very brave and manly bear-ish sort of voice. (Do NOT listen to Cozy Cuddles, I didn't scream like a little girl. But it did hurt.)

Cozy Cuddles
THIS is Cozy Cuddles... sure he looks all sweet and cuddly here in his personalized Irish St. Pats shirt but don't let the adorable teddy bear face fool you...

I got up with the help of some friends (friends who were not laughing and pointing, Cozy) and it still hurt. BooBoo Shags said he thought I needed to see a chiropractor.

BooBoo Shags
My good friend, BooBoo Shags, who is a very caring bear!

I called the Dr. that BooBoo recommended. They seemed really nice on the phone, and so I went in.

I filled out the new patient paperwork (you know, I had to write in that I was a Giant Teddy bear, and add spaces for "Cuddly" and "Adorable" under current medical conditions - you'd think those would be pretty standard on forms wouldn't you?) and waited bravely for my turn.

Waiting bravely for my turn at the chiropractor today
Waiting bravely for my turn at the chiropractor today.

"The Dr. will see you now, Mr. Cuddles," the nurse said. I liked that. MISTER Cuddles.

I went in and she told me I could relax for a few minutes, so I stretched out on the table.

I tried to relax but my neck and back hurt
I tried to relax but my neck and back hurt and I was worried about what the Dr. might do - I wanted to be a cooperative patient though, and not get a bad chart note like Elaine did on "Seinfeld"

The doctor came in. "Mr. Cuddles I presume?" I sat up. When the Dr. saw my shirt, he said, "Pawesome - I like that!" I keep telling everyone that phrase will go viral any day now.

patient was a Giant Teddy bear
I sat up when the Dr. came in - he noticed my Pawesome shirt right away. And he didn't even blink that his new patient was a Giant Teddy bear.

Dr. Golab was a really nice guy
Dr. Golab was a really nice guy, I stopped worrying so much when I shook his hand

He shook my paw and asked me what was going on. I told him I had a work-related injury (it was, sort of... I was avoiding work at the time and working to save my precious donut) and he nodded, took a few notes, and told me I was going to feel better soon.

Dr. Golab
He told me funny jokes while he worked on my neck. I like Dr. Golab a lot!

He adjusted my neck, then had me lay on my tummy and worked on my back.

Dr. Golab used a fancy buzzy thing to loosen up my back fluff;
Dr. Golab used a fancy buzzy thing to loosen up my back fluff; he said part of it was compressed and causing my discomfort.

"That must have been quite a tumble you took, Mr. Cuddles. Your back fluff is severely out of alignment." He told me to take a deep breath and then he pushed and I heard "crack-pop-puff!" and felt my stuffing shift. It felt pretty good!

take a deep breath and let it out and then he pressed on my back
He told me to take a deep breath and let it out and then he pressed on my back and I felt a crack-puff-pop type feeling and the pain was gone!

"OK, now sit up for me and let's check your range of neck motion."

Dr. Golab checking my neck and back range of motion
Dr. Golab checking my neck and back range of motion - he said I was good to go.

Wow, I was so limber again!

"Thanks, Doc! I feel great!"

He looked at me and said, "Don't you mean you feel Pawesome, Mr. Cuddles?" and then he laughed.

I can't believe I didn't use my signature phrase.

But I'm so glad I went to see him. I've been doing cartwheels in the office all afternoon... and even though my TBRs are going to be late, I have a doctor's note!

Maybe I'll stay out of the hammock for a while, though, and eat my donuts in a nice, safe chair.

Happy Friday - hope it's Pawesome!
-Sunny Cuddles

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*Special Thanks to Dr. Michael Golab for being a good sport with a patient like Sunny Cuddles.

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