Tiny Shags on CBS "Big Brother"

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tiny Shags from Giant Teddy was on the hit CBS show, "Big Brother" 

Tiny Shags is so modest... in 2012 he was on the CBS show, "Big Brother" and he waited until now to ask for his star on the Giant Teddy Bear Paw Walk of Fame!

Tiny had so much fun on the show meeting everyone and being a TV Teddy Bear Star. Enjoy the pictures from the "Big Brother" show featuring Tiny Shags Giant Teddy Bear:

Silly moments on CBS's "Big Brother" with Tiny Shags teddy bear

Kara with Tiny Shags teddy bear on "Big Brother"

Tiny Shags on "Big Brother"

Tiny Shags Giant Teddy Bear on the set of CBS TV "Big Brother" in 2012

Visit Tiny Shags at GiantTeddy.com and meet all of his Shags bear relatives! If you ask really nicely we just know he'd love to give you his pawtograph - and a big hug when you invite him home to live with you.

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