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Friday, May 16, 2014
Welcome to our Fun Friday Bear Blog Series... we turn the blog over to one of the bears and let them tell whatever story comes into their fluffy imaginations. Enjoy - and if you have a suggestion for a blog idea from a bear, let us know. Some of them get writer's block!

Today's Bear Blogger: Waldo Shags
Today's Bear Blogger: Waldo Shags
[Film Noir Type Music Plays] I had decided to open a detective agency in the office, kind of on the down low, but all the bears knew who to come see if they had a mystery to solve. 

Sure, I'm a cute, adorable and cuddly big white teddy bear with soft white fur and all, but as the Head of Teddy Bear HR I'm used to solving mysteries. 

And sometimes crimes. 

Like "The Case of the Missing Pudding Cup" which was a little caper I blew wide open last month. 

It started out like any typical Friday at the office. I was sorting through all of the many busy and important papers that cross my desk when she walked in. 

She was a looker. Tall, pink, huggable - 6 feet of spectacular pink teddy bear. It was Lady Cuddles, and she was not happy.

"Someone's been stealing my pudding cups." She said it and looked at me expectantly. "And I want it to stop."

Lady Cuddles had been on ABC's "Modern Family" last spring, and she's kind of a big deal around here, even with her own star on the Bear Paw Walk of Fame

Lady Cuddles on ABC's Modern Family
Lady Cuddles on ABC's "Modern Family"

Lady Cuddles Jamming out during a Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser for the Breast
Lady Cuddles Jamming out during a Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Can Stick It Foundation. Photo courtesy of Sanders Photography.

I sat back in my chair. "Are you coming to me as the Head of HR or as a private matter?"

She plunked down a cool $5 and looked me square in the eyes. "Private. I don't want company rules about being nice getting in the way of this one."

I was glad. Pudding cup theft had been rampant for months but my paws were somewhat tied by the very nice rules we work by at Giant Teddy. Stealing pudding cups isn't nice, but we had to give all the bears and humans the benefit of the doubt. 

Privately? I was going to nail the guilty bear to the wall. Well not literally, because that would probably really hurt, but I would find the pudding thief. 

I quickly developed a plan and told Lady Cuddles to bring me her pudding cup. I worked fast, made a few adjustments, admired my handiwork, and told her to casually put it in the fridge with her usual note of "Paws Off Please" and she laughed and headed off to the Bear Break Room. 

It was just a matter of time. 11:06 am to be exact. The howling started, and Sunny Cuddles went streaking down the hall running as fast as he could, yelling and screaming that his mouth was on fire. 

We had our thief. The purloined pudding cup was still on his desk, one bite taken out. But one bite was all it took since I had liberally laced it with Super Spicy Hotty Hot Sauce. The only bear in the office who could tolerate it was Willy Shags and we all know pudding is not his favorite so I was pretty sure he wasn't a suspect. 

After Sunny Cuddles had stopped screaming

After Sunny Cuddles had stopped screaming, he told Lady he was very sorry he had been taking her pudding cups. We made him promise to stop. I had a bottle of Super Spicy Hotty Hot Sauce in my paws and shook it at him. He nodded really fast and said he'd never take snacks that didn't belong to him again. 

Giant Teddy Bear Detective
Sunny Cuddles has a long history of pranks on Lady Cuddles...

they also love each other and have a lot of fun playing too
But they also love each other and have a lot of fun playing too!

I'm not sure if he'll be able to resist everything, but I do think Lady's pudding is safe. 

--From the Case Files of Waldo Shags, Giant Teddy Bear Detective

Stop by Giant Teddy to meet Waldo, Lady, Sunny and all the big bears! Your life will never be quite the same once you share it with an adorable giant bear. 

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