Temara Melek invited Giant Teddy for Birthday Fun!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Temara Melek is a new "Pop Princess" with a lot of exposure in the UK and up-and-coming back home in the US. For her Sweet 16 Birthday Party, she invited Giant Teddy along for the fun!

Temara Melek sent us fun pics of the bears at her party along with tweets and posts about how cute they are - they wore custom shirts for her party.

DeeDee Cuddles, Lady Cuddles and Happy Cuddles were thrilled to represent for all the Giant Teddy bears at the pajama and onesie party for Temara.

Happy Cuddles light blue teddy bear
Lady Cuddles Pink Teddy Bear

DeeDee Cuddles Purple teddy bear

Temara gave an interview about her birthday pajama bash to Celeb Secrets 4u that you can see here.

Haven't heard her music? Temara Melek is a singing and dancing machine, take a look at her YouTube channel - she's also in the Macy's iheartradio contest for up and coming stars and we wish her well!

HBD Temara, we hope this year is Pawesome for you. Bear hugs from Giant Teddy, we're glad you love our bears.

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