Willy Shags and The Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Help Willy Shags Decide on an Ugly Christmas Sweater...

Every year at Christmas time, all the big teddy bears at Giant Teddy get the holiday spirit. DeeDee Cuddles starts baking teddy bear Christmas cookies. Sunny Cuddles starts to behave himself knowing that Santa is watching. BooBoo Shags starts the official countdown calendar to Christmas.

And Willy Shags gets out all of his ugly Christmas sweaters.

Christmas parties and holiday celebrations
I love my sweaters...which one should I ask Santa for this year? -Willy Shags

He wears them to staff meetings. He wears them to lunch. He wears them to all the Christmas parties and holiday celebrations. He loves his sweaters, and it seems the uglier they are, the more he loves them.

The other bears have tried hiding them. It didn't work. One year, Sunny Cuddles and Marty Shags listed them all on ebay but Willy found out and didn't speak to them for a whole week. They told him they were sorry. He gave them each an ugly sweater for Christmas that year, and they've never tried anything like that again. All of the big teddy bears have pretty much accepted that the sweaters are here to stay.

This year, Willy has found 5 especially - uh, "lovely" (truly ugly) sweaters, for sale on various Internet sites.

He is trying to decide which one to ask Santa for... can you help him? 

Pick the one you like (or hate) the most for Willy, and  comment on our Facebook post titled "The Ugly Sweater Vote for Willy Shags" and we'll enter you.

You can also leave a comment here and we'll enter you TWICE but be sure to use the name we'd seen on Facebook somewhere in your comment so we know who you are. Since we have to follow contest rules this is a Facebook contest so we stay within one entity... red tape gets you every time! Feel free to comment on Google+ but entries are from Facebook.

We'll do a random drawing for a $50.00 Giant Teddy Gift Certificate (but it is NOT good for use on any ugly sweaters) and enter all of you who are brave enough to look at these and vote on one!

Willy's Ugly Sweater Choice A - RUNNER UP!
Willy's Ugly Sweater Choice B - WINNER!

Willy's Ugly Sweater Choice B - WINNER!! 

It was very close between A and B, but B pulled out ahead. (And really, are there any winners here? This sweater is what the other bears and humans at Giant Teddy have to see him wearing...) Willy is thrilled. It has all the elements he loves AND it lights up, too. 

Willy is thrilled

Willy's Ugly Sweater Choice C
Willy is thrill

Willy's Ugly Sweater Choice D
Contest Fine Paw Print

Willy's Ugly Sweater Choice E
Starts on Tuesday

Contest Fine Paw Print:
-Starts on Tuesday 12/17/13 at 12 noon CT
-Ends on Thursday 12/19/13 at 8 pm CT
-Winner announced on our Facebook Page and here on our blog once prize is claimed.
-Winner must contact us within 24 hours in a Facebook Message to claim prize or an alternate winner will be drawn
-Contest and prize is from Giant Teddy and not sponsored by Facebook

WINNER: Will be posted as soon as prize has been officially claimed.

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