Giant Teddy Gift Guide For Sweethearts

Monday, December 16, 2013
Love is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated all year long. We have some very romantic bears at Giant Teddy who love nothing more than being part of a great love story. Whether you are dating someone new and special or celebrating many years of wedded bliss, our sweet cuddly teddy bears are the perfect gift for you both. Who says "I love you" gifts are just for February 14th? They make excellent holiday and Christmas gifts, too!

Love is personal - your teddy bear gift can be, too.

Celebrate with our Sweetheart Love You Personalized Holiday Ornament Gift Set which has a heart shaped ornament with both of your names on it and is delivered by our sweet huggable Coco Cuddles, a big 38 inch teddy bear wearing a cute red bow tie. You can hang this on the Christmas tree together every year, and when Christmas is over? Leave the ornament out hanging on the wall, in your office, in your locker, or anywhere you want to see your sweetie's name each day.

We have lots of personalization options for most of our big teddy bears, so just ask us if you need ideas or really want a specific color bear in a specific style shirt and we'll see what we can do.

Here are some cuties that will wear a shirt with your message on it - put your names, say I love You, or any unique message up to 5 words to tell someone how special they are. You'll notice that, "Will You Marry Me?" fits nicely into the word count!

Sunny Cuddles in a heart style shirt

Big red Bitsy Cuddles in a personalized heart shirt

Lady Cuddles, pink and adorable, in a personalized shirt with a heart stamp

Say it with heart. 

How about a bear with a heart? We have teddy bears in all sizes and colors holding big plush hearts that are perfect messengers to say, "I love you" to someone special!

Coco Cuddles big white teddy bear holding a pink plush I love you heart

Juju Cuddles big black teddy bear holding a plush red I Love you heart

How About A Teddy Bear Couple?

These adorable little Black and White Cuddles Bears Holiday Hugs make an awesome gift set. The bears are all dressed up for something special with sparkly bow ties and would make a great way to tell your honey what your New Year's Eve plans are!

Make your own teddy bear couple.

DeeDee Cuddles and Sunny Cuddles - a match made in teddy bear heaven! These two have been going out for a while and are such a cute couple with their matching brown and white checked bows. DeeDee has beautiful plush lilac fur and Sunny has rich soft mocha brown fur. They each come in many sizes so you can customize your teddy bear couple.

Meet beautiful rose pink Gigi Chubs and her special guy, dark brown Munchkin Chubs. These two just recently started going out but they can't keep their paws off each other and the sparks fly whenever they are together. Both are from the Chubs Bear Family and have extra plump huggable bodies and big chubby teddy bear noses.

We have so many adorable bears in lots of colors and sizes - you can just browse our website and pick out the two that best represent you and your sweetheart.

A famous bear might be just posh enough for your loved one.

This is Lady Cuddles, who was the runaway teddy bear star of an episode of ABC's "Modern Family" and a famous Breast Cancer Spokesbear. She's adorable and cuddly and every girl's pink teddy bear dream come true!
Lady Cuddles from Giant Teddy

This is Shaggy Cuddles, with the most amazing light amber brown fur you've ever cuddled for a hug. Shaggy was instrumental in bringing together two high profile people - one an actress, one a sports star - in a unique social media romance. He's totally skilled in making your case about why you are as cute as he is and deserve lots of cuddly hugs.

Shaggy Cuddles from Giant Teddy

A Teddy Bear as Big as Your Love!

You can't go wrong with one of our Life Size Teddy Bears - they are huge, giant, over the top and are the only teddy bears out there to match the size of your love for each other! Take a look - we probably have your sweetie's favorite color in our giant selection of Giant Teddy Bears! Our life size bears go up to 6 feet tall. Now that's a really big "I Love You" gift.

Sugar Tubs is beautiful!

Brownie Cuddles from Giant Teddy

Cozy Cuddles in his Santa Hat and bow tie option

Let us know if you have an idea and need help creating the perfect Teddy Bear Gift for Sweethearts - the bears are always happy to help promote love!

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