Giant Teddy Bear Gift Guide: For Him

Sunday, December 15, 2013
The Giant Teddy Gift Guide

The Giant Teddy Gift Guide 
For Him

He may be big and tough, but there's a lot of sentimental softie in there too and what better way to touch his heart than with a Giant Teddy Bear gift?

He'll love knowing how much you care about him - from the baby son you change diapers for to the man you love with all your heart or even the Grandpa who has told you stories your whole life, this is a gift they'll always love because it reminds them of you!

Most of our big teddy bears come in many sizes, and we offer personalization for most of our teddy bears over 25in so be sure to contact us with any questions or for more information on personalizing your gift.

Here is our favorite teddy bear gift lineup for guys this year:

BooBoo Shags

BooBoo Shags: He's a sweet guy who is always thinking of others. He loves pie, and counting things - he's the resident accounting bear. BooBoo is a big cream bear with fluffy soft fur. He comes in lots of sizes, including holiday styles and this "I Love You" heart that pretty much tells your guy how you feel!

Sunny Cuddles

Sunny Cuddles is the ultimate teddy bear. He has mocha brown fur that is super soft and touchable. Sunny is silly and sweet, a bit of a class clown but always ready to be serious when he needs to be. He loves travel and adventure or just staying home to watch a good movie. Sunny Cuddles comes in sizes all the way up to a life size teddy bear 72inches tall. If you ask him to go see your favorite guy, he'll have his teddy bear bags packed before you know it! You can even personalize him (see details in the next section.)

Sweet Brownie Cuddles

Sweet Brownie Cuddles has rich dark chocolate brown fur and comes in many sizes.  Brownie can be personalized with a custom Giant Teddy Bear Shirt in many styles, with your unique message on the front (up to 5 words) for a special gift for him. Brownie loves bowling, watching football and baking brownies (what else?!) that he shares with all his family and friends. He's got some killer dessert recipes; stay tuned for those in another blog.

Cutie Chubs
Cutie Chubs - well his name says it all! He's a light amber brown bear with an extra chubby nose and the softest fur you can imagine. When you see him you'll know he totally lives up to his name. Cutie comes in many size options so you can pick just the right one for your special guy.

Red hot Riley Chubs
Red hot Riley Chubs is a perfect shade of red teddy bear and comes in lots of size options. He is wonderful at Christmas, Valentine's Day and anytime you need a spunky red bear to remind your guy how much you care about him. Riley is soft and cuddly and will give him something to hug when you can't be with him.

Willy Shag

Willy Shags is quite the character. He feels his rich emerald green fur is the best color for.... anything! Whatever holiday or event, he'll find a reason that green is THE color to be. During Christmas, he loves to show off his ugly sweater collection, and eat Christmas candy. He really shines on St. Patrick's Day and we have a number of personalized shirt options if your guy is a fan of the Emerald Isle and all things Irish. Willy, like most of our bears, comes in many size options and is super soft and huggable.

Happy Cuddles is a shade of blue
Happy Cuddles is a shade of blue that just makes everyone happy! This adorable blue teddy bear has soft cuddly fur and comes in lots of sizes - you won't believe how lightweight our big teddy bears are even our life size 6 foot tall teddy bears are easy to move and carry.

Juju Cuddles
Juju Cuddles is the strong silent type, but is just a sweet cuddly teddy bear inside! His beautiful black fur is so striking and so soft you'll want to hug him almost as often as you want to hug the guy you give him to! Juju loves pancake breakfasts in bed and in fact he picks pancakes over cake for his birthday each year! Personalize him or almost any of our big bears with a shirt so you can send a truly special and one of a kind gift this year.

Coco Cuddles has snowy white fur
Coco Cuddles has snowy white fur and an adorable checked bow, or a green bow if you choose him in his special holiday wear! Coco comes in sizes from cuddly armful to traffic-stopping huge so that you can make the impression on your special fella that is just what you are going for - including a personalized shirt.

Personalized Teddy Bears...we've talked a lot about them, now here are some for you to meet!

ornament and sweet blue teddy bear gift set

New Baby Boys in your life this year deserve a very special gift like this personalized "My First Christmas" ornament and sweet blue teddy bear gift set. Make memories for a lifetime as you hang this beautiful ornament on the tree year after year together.

Peek-a-boo Hugs is the sweet blue teddy bear
Peek-a-boo Hugs is the sweet blue teddy bear that comes with this personalized ornament gift set for My First Christmas. He's cuddly and sweet just like your baby boy and safe for babies. In fact, he's had special Quiet Bear Training so he knows not to be loud during baby's nap time.

Sunny Cuddles is a mocha brown teddy bear

Sunny Cuddles is a mocha brown teddy bear (we told you about him above!) and he'll make an excellent bear to hang out with your guy when you can't be with him. Personalize Sunny with a variety of shirts including this classic paw print version, with a message up to 5 words long. Sunny comes in many sizes and most of them can be personalized.

Diamond Shags
Diamond Shags is wearing a cute red Santa hat and a custom Christmas personalized shirt this year for an adorably personal and special gift for him. You can put a message up to 5 words on his shirt, or a name, or a holiday message - or a combination of ideas! And won't you look awesome in a photo next to this big personalized teddy bear for him to keep on his phone?

personalized Love You gift set for sweethearts

Our personalized Love You gift set for sweethearts is an awesome way to tell him how he makes your heart beat faster. This gift set features our 38in white teddy bear Coco Cuddles wearing a red bow tie, and includes a personalized heart-shaped ornament with both of your names with a little red heart between them
The personalized ornament for our sweetheart gift set
The personalized ornament for our sweetheart gift set, personalized with both of your names - leave it up all year long as a wall charm!

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