Thanksgiving Thoughts by Sunny Cuddles, Giant Teddy Bear

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Thanksgiving Thankfulness by Sunny Cuddles, Giant Teddy Bear

I love to have fun, and travel with other Giant Teddy bears and get into mischief.  And I love to laugh! But I’m deeper than I sometimes show. I’m a big teddy bear with a big heart.

I’m thankful every day that I get to hang out with some amazing friends. They always have my back, and usually tell me if I have crumbs on my face after lunch. They always lift my spirits up and make me smile. And when I’m happy, they are happy too. Teddy bears love to be happy!

Sunny Cuddles with DeeDee Cuddles
Sunny Cuddles with DeeDee Cuddles, Tiny, BooBoo and Waldo Shags and some of their favorite humans Turkey Handprints for Thanksgiving

Some of my best friends are teddy bears of all sizes and colors, but I love humans most of all. They are always grateful for hugs, and usually just want someone to listen quietly to their secret hopes and dreams, or to be there when they are sad or don’t feel well. They trust us and it is the Teddy Bear Code of Honor that we don’t ever let them down. We will be cute, cuddly, adorable and huggable and never repeat what you tell us in confidential teddy bear-human discussions.

Giant Teddy Bears and little humans
I love my friends, Giant Teddy Bears and little humans!

Hanging out with Cozy Cuddles
Hanging out with Cozy Cuddles on the Vanderbilt Campus in Tennessee enjoying the pretty fall leaves. Giant Teddy Bears love fall!

Thanksgiving is a fun time of year. All the Giant Teddy bearsare busy having fall fun, playing in leaves and visiting pumpkin patches, and we usually start getting memos from Santa about the coming holiday season. We work closely with the big guy you know, and in fact just the other day it was so cool because he – I’ve said too much already. Please don’t ask me more, I can’t tell you. Yet.

Sunny Cuddles and a really wild turkey
Sunny Cuddles and a really wild turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

At Thanksgiving I love pie, and eating all the good things we make, and watching football games. But mostly, I love being with everyone I love, and having a special moment to tell them how I feel… Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Sunny Cuddles

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