Sunny Cuddles: Black Friday Secret Codes

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sunny Cuddles Has a Pie Vision of Discount Codes...

Thanksgiving night, all the bears were playing a particularly fierce game of Giant Teddy Bear-opoly (Bear Monopoly) when they noticed Sunny Cuddles missing. 

"Where's Sunny?" asked Willy Shags, a big green teddy bear (who loves ugly Christmas sweaters, but that's another story for another time.)

They all got up and went looking for him. And they found him on the floor by the dessert table, surrounded by half-eaten pies. 

"Sunny! What have you done?" said BooBoo Shags, one of Sunny's best friends. 

The big cream colored teddy bear leaned down by his friend. Sunny was smiling a goofy grin, pie crumbs in his fur, and whispering something.

"What's he saying?" asked Willy Shags.

"Something about discount codes for Black Friday... what is it Sunny, speak to us!" The big teddy bears were all getting ready for some amazing Black Friday deals on and wanted to know what Sunny had to say.

"Facebook friends are so awesome...I want them to save, save, SAVE! Special Facebook discount codes for Black Friday on are:
  • FAHO131050 $10 off any purchase over $50.00
  • FAHO1310100 10% off any purchase over $100.00
Tell them to put the code in at checkout."

Then Sunny burped and closed his eyes, snoring gently. All the bears started talking excitedly. In addition to all the awesome sales they had planned, now this! 

But they definitely agreed with Sunny. Giant Teddy Facebook friends deserve special savings!

Black Friday deals start at Midnight ET... put on your stretchy pants and shop with us after you've recovered from your own Thanksgiving. Don't forget to make your own wish list while you are on our site so Santa knows what to get YOU!

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