Purple Fanatics Rejoice... We have a new Giant Purple Teddy Bear!

Friday, November 22, 2013

She’s Perfectly Purple and Adorably Sweet – Meet Lila Chubs!

Purple fans will swoon over this beautiful 30" huge teddy bear... gift ideas to make you look awesome!

Giant Purple Teddy Bear Gifts
Giant Purple Teddy Bear Gifts?  Yes please!

Lila was minding her own business one day when she was approached at the candy counter (she loves candy) and asked if she was related to the Chubs bears from Giant Teddy. Lila was excited, because she’d been spending a lot of time on TeddyBearAncestry.paw trying to find out about her family.

She was invited to come meet all the big bears at Giant Teddy, and as soon as Lila saw the Chubs bears, she knew she was home. They all had the same extra plump huggable bodies and sweet chubby noses. Everyone cheered and clapped their furry paws. A few happy tears were even shed as Lila was officially listed on the Chubs Family Tree and welcomed home.

It’s so good to know who you are! And even better, now she can be part of the great teddy bear mission of all Giant Teddy bears to spread love and joy to everyone. Lila Chubs has been given the special task of giving hugs to everyone who loves the color purple. She is proud of her soft, beautiful purple fur and knows how devoted purple-lovers can be to all things purple!

perfect and impressive

So if YOU know someone who loves the color purple, you’ve just found the perfect and impressive really big 30 inch purple teddy bear gift to give for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday or just because! Visit Lila Chubs on her very own Giant Teddy page right now before her calendar gets full – we have a feeling she’s going to be a very popular bear.

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