Happy Halloween from Giant Teddy: Teddy Bear Scare

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sunny Cuddles: Halloween Teddy Bear Prankster

Halloween is a fun time at Giant Teddy. All the big teddy bears dress up in silly costumes and have fun, and trick or treat all over the office before heading to the big Halloween party. Of course, there is still important teddy bear work that must be done and the bears balance fun with responsibility. Well, everyone but Sunny Cuddles.

Sunny spent his morning trying on different costumes and leaping out of the supply closet as people and bears roamed by. He started out yelling, “Boo!” but when BooBoo Shags kept saying, “Yes? What do you want?” Sunny switched to yelling “Gotcha!”

By lunchtime, most of the other big bears were fed up with his antics. Cozy Cuddles was limping after he slipped on the banana peel he dropped when Sunny burst out of the supply closet wearing a mask. Lulu Shags had spilled her smoothie all over her costume and was trying to clean it up.

He put a whoopee cushion on the office assistant’s chair. He put super glue on the toilet seat – and Almond Shags had to go to Bear First Aid to repair the bald spots after he was the victim of that caper. Lady Cuddles was screaming about a huge spider in her chair that turned out to be rubber.

It seemed that every human and bear at Giant Teddy had been the target of one of Sunny’s Halloween pranks. And while they all normally loved Sunny and his fun-loving ways, he had just gone too far.  He kept reminding them all he was the best prankster and never got scared.

When Sunny was found in a pile of trick-or-treat candy wrappers taking a nap under the conference table instead of finishing his Teddy Bear Report due by the end of the day, they decided to teach him a lesson. They let him sleep, and he woke up grumpy just as everyone was leaving for the party. Sunny would have to stay late to finish. “Why didn’t anyone wake me up?” he asked. But all the other teddy bears just ignored him and left.

Sunny was at his desk feeling sorry for himself and trying to finish his reports so he could get to the party when he heard the noise. An odd noise. Some might say a scary noise. He looked around. “Hello?” he called.

Nobody answered. But somewhere far down a hall, a door creaked. Sunny got a little  nervous. It was Halloween after all. What if there was a deranged bear monster on the loose? He looked down the hall and saw a strange flicker. And then he heard a creepy kind of wail, and a cackling laugh. A door slammed and he heard scuttling feet.

“Who’s there? Who is it?” Sunny was getting scared. He turned and suddenly a dark cloaked figure with a flickering Jack-o-lantern head was in front of him, laughing maniacally. Sunny screeched and started running down the hall. Just as he passed the supply closet, it burst open and a bunch of vampires jumped out. Sunny started screaming but realized he heard laughter. “Gotcha!” yelled a lot of bears at once.

Sunny Cuddles had his paw to his chest. Someone flipped on the office lights. There stood all his bear friends, laughing. Sunny smiled sheepishly. “Wow. I guess I had that coming, huh?” His friends all nodded. Cozy put his arm around Sunny and said, “But we forgive you. Forget the report. Ray said you can turn it in tomorrow. Come to the party – it isn’t the same without Sunny Cuddles there!”

Sunny grabbed his costume and headed to the Halloween party
Sunny Cuddles in his custom Giant Teddy Halloween Shirt

Sunny grabbed his costume and headed to the Halloween party with all the big teddy bears and people at Giant Teddy. And he won first place in the costume contest!  That night he updated his Facebook page with a photo of him in his awesome costume.

Happy Halloween from Giant Teddy! If you are scared of things that go bump in the night, visit our website for a giant bear to cuddle. They are so big, even the scary things in the closet wouldn’t want to mess with one!

FACEBOOK TRICK OR TREAT CONTEST: Tell us what you think Sunny Cuddles wore for his Halloween Costume – post it as a comment on our Trick or Treat Facebook Contest post for a chance to win a 30” Sunny Cuddles bear!

NOTE: our contest is now over, and our winner was chosen! Join us on Facebook and Pinterest for more fun with Giant Teddy.

PS - Sunny Cuddles went as Goldilocks for Halloween! He was awarded the Ironic Bear Costume prize. 

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