Giant Teddy Bear Cozy Cuddles and The Lemonade Stand

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Giant Teddy Bear Cozy Cuddles Dreams of Lemonade Stand Fame

Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Way back at the beginning of summer, Cozy Cuddles made big plans. He wanted to go to Nashville, Tennessee on vacation and see the country music capital of the world (more about that adventure later.) He wanted to hang out with friends, and have a lot of fun. And he wanted to start a lemonade stand business. Cozy Cuddles is a Giant Teddy bear with soft cream fur, by the way, in case you've never met him. 

All summer, things got in the way of his lemonade stand plans. First, there was the lemon delivery truck disaster. Don't even ask. 

Then there was a shortage of little cups he needed for his customers. 

And then the rain hit. At first it was drizzle and he thought he might just slash prices and still do some business, but no, it just kept raining. And raining.

Lemonade Stand Mogul
What is a Giant Teddy Bear to do when the rain gets in the way of being a Lemonade Stand Mogul? Cozy Cuddles slashes lemonade prices, but the rain keeps coming...

And that brings us to Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial end of summer. Cozy Cuddles decided this was his last chance to become a Lemonade Stand Mogul. So he called his cousin, Sunny Cuddles, and asked if he wanted to help. 

"Sure!" said Sunny. Sunny Cuddles is an adventurous bear, as many of you may know, and always ready to have fun and lend a paw to help his family and friends. 

And so here we are on this beautiful sunny day, just perfect for lemonade. And who can resist buying it from two adorable giant teddy bears? 
Giant Teddy Bears Cozy Cuddles
Giant Teddy Bears Cozy Cuddles & Sunny Cuddles enjoy a little end-of-summer commerce at their Lemonade Stand on Labor Day Weekend

So when your fun Labor Day Weekend activities bring on the thirst, head on over to Cozy's Lemonade Stand for an icy cold glass. He may not become a mogul this summer, but he's definitely having fun. 

We hope all of you are having fun, too! Happy Labor Day Weekend from all the humans and bears at Giant Teddy!

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