Giant Panda Mama Xin Starring In "The Carrie Diaries"

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mama Xin was minding her own business, sketching a particularly great drawing of a bowl of apples, when her phone rang. "We want you on the set of our show!" It was the CW's TV show, "The Carrie Diaries" calling! She had been to a bear audition, but didn't think she'd get the role because they were casting for a boy bear.

But they loved her, and said her striking black and white fur would look great on camera. The director told her she'd be perfect with her excellent big teddy bear range, and could easily play the role of Bear Bear, a big panda bear that the character Maggie would be playing opposite.

All the bears at Giant Teddy were thrilled for Mama Xin.  The script arrived and everyone looked it over to help the big panda bear learn her lines. That's when horror struck... it called for Maggie, in a fit of emotions, to attack Bear Bear. Everyone was in shock. But Mama Xin was fine with it. She explained that when you are a bear actress, sometimes you have to do stunts. She would be safe, and stitched back up. She was actually excited - teddy bears were finally getting more dramatic roles with action and adventure elements.

The night of the big show premier, everyone gathered at Panda Place where the Xin family of giant panda bears lived at Giant Teddy. All their bear friends came, and Brownie Cuddles brought a huge tray of his famous brownies for a show snack.

At the crucial scene where Maggie attacks Bear Bear, everyone gasped, some cried, and when Bear Bear was finally sewn back together, they all cheered. As the closing credits on the show rolled, all the bears were talking at once, asking Mama Xin how she had done it. She laughed and said it was clever make-up and wardrobe effects.

Mama Xin signed a few autographs, and put her paw print in her new star on the Giant Teddy Bear Paw Walk of Fame. She had fun doing "The Carrie Diaries" and thought the cast and crew were awesome. She started dreaming about what her next starring role might be, and wondered if a panda movie might be in her future.

Until then, Mama Xin is busy with her charcoal sketches and is available to come see you at your house! So if you or another giant panda lover you know needs the perfect panda bear to hang out with, just visit today!

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