Red, White & Blue Giant Teddy Bears Show Their Patriotism

Thursday, July 4, 2013
Sunny Cuddles enjoys visting our National Parks

The fourth of July is a special day for all Americans, and there isn't anything more American than a big teddy bear! All the bears at Giant Teddy were excited, because every year there was a big parade and a picnic, hosted by Marty, Randy and Waldo Shags, some of the most patriotic teddy bears you will ever meet. It was a Giant Teddy tradition. First they had the parade, and then they played games and had a picnic, followed by an ice cream social in the Giant Teddy town square by the diner, just as it got dark and the fireworks started.

Marty Shags, a big blue teddy bear, was busy getting the little flags ready for all the bears to wave during the parade. His brother Randy Shags, a giant red teddy bear, was shining up the red wagon he always rode in, and putting the red, white and blue streamers on it. Waldo Shags, a large white teddy bear, was making his famous potato salad for the picnic. And they were all laughing and having fun, when their bear friend Sunny Cuddles rushed in, worried.

"What's wrong, Sunny?" Waldo stopped stirring the potato salad. His friend was usually such a happy big mocha brown bear, but today he wasn't smiling.

"You'll never guess. The freezer over at Giant Teddy Diner broke and all the ice cream is melting, fast. Sewsie Big Love is really upset, she thinks the day is ruined!" Sewsie was the big lavender teddy bear who ran the diner.

Marty Shags said, "Oh no! What can we do?" But Randy Shags had an idea.

He grabbed his wagon and told the other big teddy bears to follow him. They hurried over to the diner, where a crowd of bears was already gathering.

Randy whispered to Waldo and Marty, and they all smiled and went inside to talk to Sewsie. They came back, and Randy stood up in his red wagon. "Attention all Giant Teddy bears! We all know that we usually have a parade, and then a picnic, and then the ice cream social and fireworks after it gets dark, to celebrate Independence Day. But aren't we American bear citizens? Don't we know that part of what makes our country great is our ability to change and adapt?" All the bears were nodding. Randy Shags was an inspiring speaker, and easy to spot in a crowd with his red teddy bear fur.

"Well then, we're going to change things up this year! We're having a big ice cream party to celebrate! Everyone grab some spoons - we'll eat it all before it can melt, and then have our parade and picnic later!" He jumped down out of his red wagon as everyone cheered. Randy rolled his wagon into the diner, and they loaded it up with all the ice cream cartons, spoons and paper cups, and then headed out the door and down the street.

Marty Shags was leading the parade, waving his fluffy blue teddy bear arms holding little American flags, and Waldo Shags was singing, "America The Beautiful" while Randy pulled the wagon. They went up and down Main Street, stopping to hand out ice cream and wish everyone a Happy 4th of July, and everyone agreed that when a big blue teddy bear, a giant red teddy bear, and a giant white teddy bear get together, it's hard not to feel patriotic.

The bears had a great day, celebrating America's birthday. If you have a special birthday coming up, visit and ask some of our bears to come celebrate - they love a good birthday party! In the meantime, Happy 4th of July from all of the bears and humans at Giant Teddy!

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