Anaheim, California Invaded by Giant Bears!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Big bears are everywhere in one local office... 

Citizens of Anaheim, the bears are here! But don’t worry – about the only danger they pose is asking for a lot of hugs. The bears in question are big teddy bears! Giant Teddy has moved their corporate headquarters to Anaheim, California as the business continues to grow and expand.

The new office will have lots of personality to match the bears who work there, along with their human counterparts of course. The Giant Teddy team is having a great time brainstorming names for everything in the new office, including the conference rooms, the “hospital” area for fixing boo-boos, the “travel department” where bears are sent to their new forever homes, and the “Paw Walk of Fame” commemorating appearances by Giant Teddy bears in TV shows, movies, and charity events. There are even rumors that the bears are designing their own break room. 

Everyone is settling in nicely, although there have been a few fur fluff ups over office politics, with some bears asking for corner offices and others wanting their own business cards. But now that those demands have been negotiated, things are running smoothly and every day at work is a fun adventure.

Sunny Cuddles shows off his corporate side
Sunny Cuddles shows off his corporate side... a bear from Giant Teddy may be just what your office needs to boost morale and team spirit!

Speaking of bears in the workplace, couldn’t your own office use a resident bear on staff? Giant Teddy has bears in every size and color and most are available with personalized t-shirts, making them ideal for office mascots or to help you host a special party or event, including company picnics, holiday fun and merry-making of all kinds. Many customers report that having a Giant Teddy at the party is an excellent ice-breaker, and they make a wonderful door prize for someone to take home and love.

The great news is you don’t have to be in Anaheim to visit the bears – drop by and take a look around… the perfect furry friend is waiting there just for you!

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