White Christmas Bears Save Santa!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Every year, Santa loads the sleigh and does a few test flights, to make sure all the equipment is working well and the reindeer are limber and ready to make their Christmas Eve journey.  This year, something happened.  Something that could have ruined Christmas – but not to worry!  The brave and awesome White Christmas bears came to the rescue. 

People think that Christmas teddy bears are just fluffy and cute, in their little teddy bear Santa hats, bows and scarves.  And of course they are super cute, and cuddly Christmas bears too!  But they are also brave and wonderful.

Santa had to crash-land his sleigh! And it got stuck in a huge snow bank.  He had to get it out, quickly – there was so much work to be done to get ready for Christmas! He tried to get it out, but nothing was working – when suddenly, all the white Christmas teddy bears jumped out of the sleigh and started to work.

Babs Fluffy Shags got down under one of the sleigh runners to dig out some of the snow with a toy shovel.  She showed why she is a perfect first Christmas teddy bear for a baby – she isn’t afraid of anything and will always protect your baby!

Jingles Woolly Tubs and Frosty Fluffy Shags got on either side of the sleigh and began rocking it back and forth.  Their soft, fluffy white teddy bear fur kept them warm, and they had on their little teddy bear Santa hats and bows too.  Heave, ho-ho-ho!  The large white Christmas bears were making the sleigh move! 

Giant white Christmas teddy bear Bo Fluffly Shags got behind the sleigh, and pushed with all his might – he’s a big Christmas bear, and pretty strong!  The sleigh popped out of the snow bank!  All the other toys cheered, the reindeer all snorted and smiled and called out their thanks, and Santa helped the white Christmas teddy bears all climb back into the sleigh to ride back home. 

Whoever is lucky enough to have a white Christmas teddy bear gift this year will never have to worry about getting their sleigh stuck in the snow, that’s for sure.  As Santa’s sleigh took off again, his jolly voice could be heard shouting as he drove out of sight, “Merry Christmas, teddy bears, to you all… and to all, a good night!

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