Red Christmas Teddy Bear, Riley Chubs!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Red Teddy Bears Make the Color of Christmas Sweet

Riley Chubs is a red Christmas teddy bear.  He is one of Santa’s Color of Christmas Teddy Bear Ambassadors, and he loves his job!  There is nothing better for a red Christmas bear than seeing the joy on the faces of all the people he meets.

Well, there is one thing that red Riley Chubs loves almost as much as Christmas – ginger bread cookies! And that is where today’s story begins.  

Riley Chubs is 30” tall, just tall enough to reach the counter in the elf break room.  Mrs. Claus bakes fresh ginger bread teddy bear cookies every afternoon and leaves them on a pretty Christmas plate on the counter. 

Riley was walking by one day, on his way to a Color of Christmas Teddy Bear Ambassador meeting when he smelled those cookies.  He went in, and didn’t see anyone.  Being the kind of sweet red teddy bear he is, Riley called out, but nobody heard him.  Oh how he wanted one of those ginger bread teddy bear cookies.  He reached his red teddy bear paw up and took one.  And it was delicious.  

He never meant for it to happen, but he ate them all.  They were just so sweet!  Even though nobody had spotted a red bear in a Santa hat eating all the cookies, Riley knew he had to make some more.  It was the right thing to do as a Christmas Bear Ambassador.

He went to Mrs. Claus and asked her to help him.  Together, they baked another batch of gingerbread teddy bear cookies! He smiled when he took the plate to the elf break room, put it on the counter, and quickly left.

Now can you think of anything more fun at Christmas, than baking a batch of gingerbread teddy bear cookies… with a festive red Christmas teddy bear by your side?  

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