A Giant Teddy Bear

Monday, December 17, 2012
To The Rescue...

Have you ever wondered where your name falls on the “Naughty” or “Nice” lists that Santa has?  I bet you have!  Those lists have been around a long time, but Santa has done some automation with computers in recent years… but it almost went horribly wrong.  Until a Giant Teddy bear with a festive scarf named Bo Fluffy Shags saved the day.

The Naughty or Nice 2.0 machine was very cool, and all the Christmas teddy bears loved to gather around it and watch the names pop up on the big flat screen, and then look to see if “Naughty” or “Nice” lights went off on the indicator panel at the top.  It was really funny to watch as some names set off both lights one right after the other… the Christmas bears noticed that happened a lot during rush hour traffic for people when they got mad and did Naughty things.  

It was getting close to Christmas, and everyone was scurrying about working hard.  Elves were making toys, and getting lists ready of what teddy bear for Christmas was going to which boy or girl.  Some of the Christmas bears were helping out, wrapping up gifts to be loaded into Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.

And then it happened.  Names popped up on the screen, but the lights showing “Naughty” or “Nice” didn’t light up.  Something was wrong.  A hush went over the workshop.  Christmas teddy bears put their fluffy paws to their mouths in shock.  What would they do?   The Head Elf swaggered over, and looked for the ladder. 

But the ladder wasn’t there.  If they didn’t know who was Naughty and who was Nice, how would they ever organize Christmas?  Who would be good enough to get a Christmas teddy bear? 

“Where IS the ladder?”  A big stuffed teddy bear in back yelled, “The reindeer have it for flight take-off practice!”  All the Christmas bears and elves started talking at once.  Nobody knew what to do.

Then, through the crowd, a pair of fluffy white teddy bear ears was spotted moving towards the Naughty or Nice 2.0 machine.  It was Bo Fluffy Shags!  He was a giant white Christmas teddy bear 52” tall – maybe he could fix it without a ladder!

Bo calmly reached up on his tippy teddy bear toes and turned a few knobs.  The “Naughty” and “Nice” lights started blinking on and off again with names!  All the Christmas teddy bears cheered, all the elves cheered, everyone was chanting, “Bo Fluffy Shags!” and patting the giant white teddy bear on the back, thanking him for saving Christmas.  

So the machine is fixed – which list will your name be on?  Because a special giant teddy bear for Christmas can only be a gift for those who are really nice!

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