Giant Stuffed Hippo Pod

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Kubus 

Introducing the Kubus, a loveable pod (a family of hippos) of stuffed plush hippopotamuses that range in size from the 4 and a half feet tall Bari, the big and brave father of the Kubu pod, to the 1 foot tall Tali Kubu, the youngest of the group.  With a huge selection of different sizes and personalities, these chubby hippo toys make the perfect gift for just about anyone. 

Indigenous and exclusive to the African savanna, hippos have been a zoo favorite for more than a century.  As cute as those chubby hippos can be, very few people could conceive of keeping them as pets, but now, Giant Teddy has brought all the best aspects of these African giants into your home, while leaving out some of the less desirable qualities.  It's a little difficult to imagine a hippo coming in and laying down on your living room floor after a nice hour-long mud bath.  You don't have to worry about your stuffed hippo doing that! And while hippos in the wild can be very dangerous and territorial animals, the Kubus are a pod of very friendly stuffed hippo toys meant to be cuddled and loved.   

As always is the case with Giant Teddy stuffed animals, you can rest assured that the Kubu pod are made of the finest materials.  With a wonderful plush exterior and Stuffed with Love, these stuffed hippo dolls big or small will last a lifetime.   They make a wonderful companion to brighten your own day and the perfect gift for anyone who loves stuffed plush animals.  Come meet the Kubu family today! 

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