Giant Teddy Bear Magic

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Cuddles Clan Explains Teddy Bear Magic

Have you ever noticed that the same color teddy bear can come in many sizes? Small bears, big bears, or a giant teddy bear – and sometimes, it is the same teddy bear who comes in all those sizes! Have you ever wondered why? I decided to ask four giant teddy bear siblings named Cozy Cuddles, Sunny Cuddles, Coco Cuddles and Brownie Cuddles.  

I’d seen them around town, and sometimes they were small teddy bears, sometimes they were large teddy bears, and sometimes they were giant teddy bears.  I couldn’t figure it out.

Were they just having growth spurts? Wearing teddy bear shoes with lifts to make themselves taller? I had to know. So I asked them. And by the way, they are even cuter up close! Their plush teddy bear fur is so soft, and I love their checkered brown bows.  They have big brown eyes, a chubby bear nose, and on first meeting, I just wanted to give them a big hug!  It is easy to see why their last name is Cuddles.

Cozy Cuddles proudly told me it was all about Teddy Bear magic. 
Sunny Cuddles said,"Giant Teddy bears all have different jobs.Sometimes, a small teddy bear might be needed to hug a little child or sit on a desk." 
"Other times, a giant teddy bear might be needed to work in an office, greeting people and making them laugh as they walk through the doors", explained Coco Cuddles
Then, Brownie Cuddles, the dark brown 6 foot tall giant teddy bear added, "Large teddy bears are lots of fun to have around, and make excellent college dorm room buddies, just don't make one a carpool buddy."

I stood speachless and amazed! I thought, "Could Teddy Bear magic really exist?", I didn't realize that I thought it outloud...

Sunny Cuddles then said "Teddy Bear magic makes each bear the perfect size for whoever they are going to live with, and whatever they need to do". 

It began to make sence and I began to reiterate, "So that’s why I saw a small cream teddy bear going into the Teddy Bear Movie Theatre with someone, and I thought he was Cozy Cuddles". Cozy nodded in aggreement.
"...And why, I saw a big white teddy bear that looked just like another size Coco Cuddles going into the pizza place with friends." I said in a proud voice while Coco nodded too. 
"And why I was pretty sure the giant brown teddy bear riding in a carriage with a bride and groom was a life size version of Sunny Cuddles" I exclaimed, while Sunny and Brownie nodded their heads at the same time.  

Each was using Teddy Bear magic. It lets any giant teddy bear like Cozy Cuddles, Sunny Cuddles, Coco Cuddles and Brownie Cuddles be whatever size they need to be in order to make someone happy.  So - what size teddy bear will make you happy?  Just let the Cuddles giant teddy bear clan know and your small or life size teddy bear will be on it's way to see you!

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