A Giant Teddy Bear Reunion!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Cuddles Teddy Bear Family Reunion

I was standing at the front desk of the hotel, thinking what a dull trip this was going to be, when suddenly there was a commotion in the lobby. I turned to look – and there were teddy bears everywhere!  I heard one of the desk clerks say, “The Cuddles Bear family is here! Everyone get ready!”

I watched as teddy bears of all sizes and colors walked in and began hugging each other. Small teddy bears, large teddy bears, and giant teddy bears were carrying little teddy bear suitcases, some were wearing loud shorts, and some had on sunglasses and silly hats you’d only wear on a fun vacation. There were red teddy bears, purple teddy bears, and brown teddy bears, white, blue, and pink teddy bears. There were so many teddy bears with so many different colors of fur, I wasn’t even sure I could keep track of them all!  Cameras started clicking as bears that hadn’t seen each other in a while got together in groups.

Hotel staff was rushing in from everywhere, smiling, greeting the teddy bears. The manager cleared his throat and greeted them all. “Welcome Cuddles Teddy Bears! We are delighted that once again, you have chosen Hotel Plush as your teddy bear reunion headquarters!  We’ve set up the all-you-can-eat honey and waffle buffet, and your shuffleboard courts and volleyball nets are all set up outside.”  A cheer went up from the crowd of adorable bears. 

A giant teddy bear stepped forward and shook the manager’s hand.  “Thank you so much, we are really excited to be here together.”  One of the teddy bears shouted, “Hey Cozy, when do we start the teddy bear reunion parade?” The big cream teddy bear laughed and said, “How about now?”

I asked the desk clerk who was helping me what that was all about. She smiled and said, “Oh the Cuddles teddy bears love parades. They come here every year for a family reunion and vacation, and it starts with the Cuddles Teddy Bear parade around the pool. And usually, one of the silly teddy bears falls in!”

I laughed. You really couldn’t help it. The Cuddles teddy bears were just so – well, cuddly! I didn’t even know them, and I wanted to rush over and start hugging them. I noticed that no matter what size or color they were, each Cuddles teddy bear was wearing a checkered brown bow. You could really tell they were related. They all had the same sweet faces and big chubby noses!  I found myself wishing I were part of the Cuddles teddy bear family, part of all that teddy bear love and joy.

I guess my expression must have given me away, because as the bears were all laughing and trying to decide who got to be first in their teddy bear parade line, the giant teddy bear with cream fur named Cozy Cuddleswalked over and smiled at me. “You know, we almost always need an extra player for volleyball. Would you like to join us?”  My uninteresting trip had just turned amazing! I was going to be part of the Cuddles teddy bear family reunion!

The clerk smiled as Cozy Cuddles went to lead the teddy bear parade around the pool. “I bet you hear some really great stories!  The Cuddles teddy bears are a sweet bunch of bears, and they love to make people smile.”  That didn’t surprise me at all – I knew I was smiling as I watched them. I couldn’t wait to find out more about all the Cuddles Giant Teddy bear family.

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