The Giant Teddy Difference: Top Quality Made in the USA

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Giant Teddy is more than just a name - we put our whole reputation behind making the biggest, softest, most cuddly life size stuffed teddy bears and animals on the planet, right here in the USA. 

Giant Teddy brand bears are adorable
Giant Teddy brand bears are adorable, huge... and might have amazing musical talent (he just started lessons though so it's too early to tell.)

You've probably seen some 'big' stuffed animals around town in discount stores and you wonder, "Hey what's the difference? Why would I buy a Giant Teddy brand animal?"

Let us show you all the things we feel are the Giant Teddy Difference!

Giant Teddy brand is made in the USA
Giant Teddy brand is made in the USA

  • If it doesn't have a Giant Teddy brand tag in an authorized purchase from us, it isn't authentic. There are a lot of knock-off bears out there who try to look like ours, and the harm in buying one is getting something: 
  • made with questionable stuffing material

  • questionable quality

  • smaller bodies & awkward sizing (think small torso and enormously long skinny legs to be able to claim a certain height)

  • lack of adorableness

  • shedding materials

  • difficulty getting customer service if you need it. shows you just how BIG our bears shows you just how BIG our bears really are!

  • Giant Teddy only uses brand new never recycled stuffing: Important because of allergies and safety for all ages. 

love offering you all kinds
We love offering you all kinds of styles while keeping our quality top notch! Giant Teddy brand bears are safe for all ages unless noted (due to accessories offered with some bears.)

  • Giant Teddy only uses the softest, top quality fur: Important for huggey-ness, cuddliness, and so it won't shed all over you, your floors, your furniture, your pets... get the picture?

chubbiest bears with non-clumping lightweight materials
Sewsie Big Love is purple and dreamy soft

  • Giant Teddy makes the biggest, chubbiest bears with non-clumping lightweight materials: Important so you can hug them and they'll keep their great big shape without being hard, lumpy, or flat. It also makes our HUGE bears easy to hug and move around without needing a forklift.

Huge but so soft, cuddly and huggable
Huge but so soft, cuddly and huggable - easy to move around so they can have fun adventures with you or just be a comfy body pillow on Movie Night!

  • Giant Teddy keeps Cuteness as a Top Factor: sure size is great, but size isn't everything. We make sure our enormous bears and other animals are still adorable and cute!

Cuddles from Giant Teddy
Lady Cuddles from Giant Teddy has been on TV and does a lot of Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns every year.

  • Giant Teddy offers more sizes, colors & styles than anyone else we know: Important because you can find favorite colors, size you want and styles nobody else makes. 

Some of our Teddy Bear Families
Some of our Teddy Bear Families

Teddy bears, pandas, polar bears, koalas, hippos, monkeys, elephants, gorillas... we have a lot of big cuddly friends at Giant Teddy!


  • Giant Teddy is located in California with a US Customer Service Team and the right to put Made in the USA on our stuffed friends: We're proud of that. Without taking anything away from other fine countries who make items and provide customer service, we want our primarily American market to know they are working with fellow Americans. 

Take Your Teddy Bear to Work
Every Day is "Take Your Teddy Bear to Work" day at (the bears let us humans pretend we're in charge!)

  • Giant Teddy bears are famous! That's not important but we think it's pretty cool that professionals choose our bears for their TV shows and film projects. Some shows we've appeared on include: Modern Family, Big Brother, a Mythbusters Special, Mike & Molly, Royal Pains, The Carrie Diaries, a late night talk show and more. 

Giant Teddy bears are famous

  • Giant Teddy is a small family company: That's important because every animal we make we picture one of our own loving, and that reminds us that quality and integrity are number one for us. 

Giant Teddy is a small family company

Are we perfect? No. But we'll work until we make a situation right and own it if we make a mistake. Integrity is BEARY important to us (the bears made us say that.)

Are all other big animals out there bad? No. But... if they don't say "Giant Teddy" brand, then you are missing out on one of life's most huggable experiences!

Are all other big animals out there bad

We hope you get to hug one soon & experience the Giant Teddy brand difference yourself :)

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