NEW! Giant Koalas and Elephants at Giant Teddy

Thursday, October 14, 2021
They're New, they're GIANT and they're soooo Adorable! Meet our Elephant Herd and our Koala Family, the latest members of the  huge, cuddly-soft stuffed animals on

We make the biggest stuffed animals you've seen, without sacrificing The Cuddle Factor - they're huge, but still SO soft, cuddly, huggable and easy to move around. 

Meet the Elephant Herd at GiantTeddy
Meet the Elephant Herd at

Meet the Koala Family at GiantTeddy
Meet the Koala Family at

The Elephants:
Ellie is 24in (2ft)
Lucy is 30in (2.5ft)
Elvis is 36in (3ft)
Stampy is 48in (4ft)

The Koalas:
Quincy is 20in
Cooper is 34in
Quigley is 45in

Like ALL our huge stuffed animal friends, our Elephants and Koalas are made in the USA with top quality materials including the softest fur, and lightweight, non-clumping stuffing to keep them looking great...and of course they all pass our Huggability Testing because we won't sell any furry friends who aren't the cuddliest stuffed animals on earth. 

These are rare and hard to find in the sizes we make - surprise someone you love with an amazing gift, or make the gift for YOU (we think you deserve one, too!)

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