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Friday, May 23, 2014
Welcome to our Fun Friday Blog! 

Every Friday we turn the blog over to one of the big, adorable, soft cuddly Giant Teddy bears and let them tell you a story, real or imagined, as we all get ready for the weekend.

Cutie Chubs Giant Teddy Bear
Cutie Chubs Giant Teddy Bear

This week's guest bear blogger is Cutie Chubs. Our Chubs bears are bigger overall than any other teddy bear family at Giant Teddy, with huge heads, big velvety soft noses, tubby tummies and big round arms and legs. Take it away, Cutie Chubs!

Hi, I'm Cutie Chubs and I'm a Giant Teddy bear. People tell me I'm cuddly and adorable all the time, but today I'm going to tell you about what animals think of me! This is the story of my trip to the Brevard Zoo with my human friend Katy.

Cutie Chubs as Loggy at the Brevard Zoo
Cutie Chubs as "Loggy" at the Brevard Zoo

It was a really pretty day down in Florida, just perfect for a visit to the zoo. I was excited to see all the animals. I put on my favorite Hugs & Honey shirt and offered to drive but Katy said "No" in kind of a loud way. She just won't let that one traffic incident go... I was only going One Way so I don't understand what the big fuss and all the angry honking was all about... but that's a story for another blog.

First we saw the giraffe, who is now my new Best Friend. She tried to follow me everywhere and I had to explain she had to stay in her giraffe home but I'd come back and see her all the time. She was OK with that!
She would find me wherever I was and come up to see me
She would find me wherever I was and come up to see me!

My new bestie
My new bestie

shocked a monkey
I kind of think she wanted a kiss goodbye...

Then I shocked a monkey. I guess the bears they know at the zoo don't usually stroll around in a Hugs & Honey t-shirt waving at the animals...
The monkeys had a strong reaction to seeing a really
The monkeys had a strong reaction to seeing a really big bear like Cutie Chubs!

Katy told me "No" to petting a jaguar and she used that voice that warned me not to ask again. But they had this cool thing for when you wanted to see animals that were kind of far away. I looked, and I think the jaguar was napping and that's probably why she didn't want me to pet it.

I was really excited to see the otters. One of them was swimming at first, then he spotted me and rushed out to play, and his friends came out too.

sticky paws

apologized to Katy

My new otter friends and I were having a lot of fun with each other!


Then Katy and I heard some people grumbling about me being up at the front so long. They wanted to get close up pictures, too. So I graciously hopped down and moved out of the way.

big bear friend for adventures
The otters begged me not to go! They wanted to play all day.

The otters were all sad when I moved away. And then they left and wouldn't come back.

So the humans, realizing that I was the major attraction, apologized to Katy and to me, and asked me to get back up there so the otters would come back and play. Everyone wanted to see them up close again.

I was happy to forgive them for not understanding just how fascinating a Giant Teddy bear is, and I got the otters to come back out and play again so everyone could enjoy them.

We had a few more silly moments, I got ice cream (and sticky paws) and then it was time to go home.

Zoo Silly Selfie with my friends
Zoo Silly Selfie with my friends

Next time you go to the zoo, take along a Giant Teddy bear. The responses you get from people and animals alike will probably surprise you. Besides, we're soft and fun and the perfect big bear friend for adventures or just hanging out quietly at home.

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