Father's Day Gifts for Dad

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Doesn't your family's Papa Bear deserve a unique and awesome gift for Father's Day this year? 

Dad does so much for everyone all year long (well, maybe he could share the remote control a little more, but...) and on Father's Day we know you want to show him how much you love and appreciate him.

Giant Teddy has some really BIG ways to do just that with our Bears for Dad.

Baby Tubs Father's Day 3 ft. tall Teddy Bear

Our special Father's Day Teddy Bears were selected with Dad in mind from our Tubs Teddy Bear Family, and are classically cute just like he is.

Honey Tubs Father's Day Teddy Bear in the "Awesome Dad" shirt design

Each one is wearing - what else?! - a shirt with a tie design. You can select from "World's Best Dad" or "Awesome Dad" designs. The custom teddy bear shirts are white, easily removed for washing, and the shirt of your choice is included with your Teddy Bear for Dad.
Baby Tubs Teddy Bear for Dad has dark chocolate brown fur

Baby Tubs is a dark chocolate brown teddy bear, and Honey Tubs has light amber brown fur.  They both come in two Giant Teddy bear sizes: 32in (over 2 1/2 feet!) and 42in (3 feet!) because your dad's bear has to stand head and paws above the crowd, just like your dad.

Honey Tubs for Father's Day has Amber Brown fur and is shown wearing the "World's Best Dad" shirt design
Our Father's Day bears have soft, cuddly fur, long arms perfect for giving big bear hugs, big plush teddy bear feet, and the sweetest teddy bear faces ever. In fact, the adorable bear might just be helpful in arguing your case if you are ever in trouble (but that never happens, right?!)

These giant teddy bears for Dad are perfect for his first Father's Day gift from his new baby, or for a Dad who has seen many Father's Day ties in his life and needs to finally get one he can truly love because it is being worn by a big bear instead of him!

Be Dad's favorite and get him a fun gift for Father's Day this year from Giant Teddy. And Dads - we appreciate all you do to make life Pawesome all year long.

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