Giant Teddy Bears celebrate National Scrabble Day

Sunday, April 13, 2014

loves to play Scrabble
Brownie Cuddles Loves Scrabble!

Sunday April 13 is National Scrabble Day, and our very own Giant Teddy bear Brownie Cuddles is so excited. He is a big bear who loves to play Scrabble in all forms - sometimes he even makes us spell things out with tiles in meetings when it is his turn to set the agenda.

Have you met Brownie Cuddles? He's a great big dark chocolate brown teddy bear with the softest fur that makes him so extra huggable (he says that would be a great Scrabble word by the way!)

We heard him on the phone talking to his friend, Willy Shags, who is a giant green teddy bear, challenging him to a long distance game.

Shags was getting ready to play Scrabble with his own new human family
Willy Shags from Giant Teddy

It seems that Willy Shags was getting ready to play Scrabble with his own new human family, the Garretts, and he thought they'd be fine having Brownie join them for a round or two.

And that's really all we knew... until we got this message from Kay Garrett.

Hi Giant Teddy, this is Kay. I guess you know Brownie Cuddles called and asked about a game of Scrabble with Willy. But before we started to play, Willy wanted to make some popcorn - you know how much he loves to snack! He's been such a good bear lately, helping us walk the dog, water the plants, and helping to take care of my mom who lives with us that I thought, "Well what harm could it do?" I found out. It started out fine, we went over the rules about hot stoves, got out all the stuff we needed, and started the pan of popcorn - we were going old school with it, no microwave. I stepped out for just a minute, heard a loud clanking, and came back in to find popcorn everywhere. We've been cleaning it up for the last 20 minutes. Can you let Brownie Cuddles know the Scrabble game has been delayed? Thanks!

The pictures she sent us tell the story pretty well. Thanks, Kay Garrett, for sharing the fun adventures of Willy Shags with us!

popcorn making plans

Things start out fine in the popcorn making plans...

popcorn looks like WHILE it's popping
And THEN Willy Shags decides he'd like to see what popcorn looks like WHILE it's popping... uh-oh.

Brownie Cuddles
Success at last - after about 20 minutes of clean-up! (Brownie Cuddles had the most Scrabble points after 3 rounds)

We hope all of you are enjoying a fun game of Scrabble with family or friends for National Scrabble Day! And what could be more fun than including an adorable, cuddly, special Giant Teddy bear in those plans?! If you need your own big bear for the next game night, stop by Giant Teddy and see who you think will be the most fun - and then invite them home to live with you. 

*Special Thanks to Giant Teddy Customer Kay Garrett for sharing her fun story and photos of Willy Shags. If you would like to be featured with your Giant Teddy bear in a blog adventure, please contact us on Facebook with a message, or send us an email:

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