Cutie Chubs Photo Blog: Snowy Mountain Adventures in Portland, Oregon

Friday, April 18, 2014
Giant Teddy Bears are lovable, cuddly, adorable and so soft. They make life so much fun in so many ways. They love to just hang out with you but they also LOVE to travel and have adventures...

Oregon Snow Adventure Photo Blog
Hi! I'm Giant Teddy Bear Cutie Chubs and this is my Portland, Oregon Snow Adventure Photo Blog : ) 

Cutie Chubs is such a - well, cutie! He's got super soft light amber brown fur that makes him extra-huggable, a big chubby nose and a tubby bear tummy. Our Chubs teddy bear family is our biggest family of teddy bears for their size, with big round arms and legs and oversized heads. And around Giant Teddy, being "extra big" is really an achievement! 

Cutie went to Portland, Oregon on vacation with his friend Katy and shared a lot of his adventures. He was telling all the other bears he might be the first Giant Teddy in professional snow sporting events and showed them one or two pictures of him whooshing along... but then they got their paws on of ALL the pictures and some are pretty funny! Even if Cutie didn't want to share them all, we wanted you to see them...

rad teddy bear moves on the snowy
Wow, it is so beautiful here. I found this sled and figured I'd show off some rad teddy bear moves on the snowy slopes...

Giant Teddy Bears
Uh... [See Below for our Caption Contest Entries!]

I lost a quarter
Please tell me the camera isn't on. Oh it is? Uh, this one? Well I lost a quarter in the snow and was looking for it. And I was trying to limber up with some stretches for my next big run. No I didn't fall face first off my sled. NEXT PICTURE PLEASE. 

sweet speed down the hill
Here I am, gaining some sweet speed down the hill, whoooohooooo!

Loving the speed
Look at me go, I ROCK! Loving the speed, and the wind in my fur!

Hey, wait
Hey, wait, uh-oh, no, no... TREE!!!

losing feeling in my legs
No! I'm fine! Meant to do that! Yep, this tree trunk is quite strong, tell the rangers it passed inspection... uh, a little help, it's very cold and I am losing feeling in my legs. No need for a photo, no really... what? You already took one? Oh. 

Giant Teddy might be jealous
This bear deserves a big plate of salmon... now let's just keep some of those photos between us, the other bears at Giant Teddy might be jealous if they see them all, OK? Katy? Why are you laughing? 

Cutie Chubs will be sharing more of his adventures in Oregon and other travels in future blogs! Meanwhile, visit all the big teddy bears on Giant Teddy's website to meet your new travel adventure bear buddy!

We decided that ALL the entries in our Caption Contest were really fun and we published them all along with the person's name who submitted them! We highlighted the 4 that Cutie Chubs chuckled the loudest at when we read them to him - we love our Giant Teddy social media friends, you make life really fun. 

And we are entering you all in our next giveaway with an extra chance to win (to be announced but you've already got an entry for submitting your caption idea!) Thank you!

Giant Teddy Bears
Captions from our Facebook Friends:

  • Miranda Fox - Take heart Cutie Chubs I'll pull your sled.

    Theresa Sigourney - If I pull you, will you pull me?

    Pamela Edens - I'm sorry Cutie Chubs but your in the dog sled lane.

    Kathy McCrae - (dog) Can I go next?

    Ashlei Mars Austgen - Rats. I left my keg of honey back at the warming hut.

    Kathleen Yockey - Wanna team up for Iditarod next year?

    Annie Faj - We make a cute team!

    Nyeasia Pippin - "Hey, am I on the set for Snow Dogs 2?!"

    Kathleen Yockey - Bigfoot? Is that you?

    Nyeasia Pippin - For the last time I am NOT Winnie the Pooh!

    Valerie Skiadas Philibert - gimme the rope! Ride Cutie ride (hear the melody)

    Karen Mills - Hibernate?? You gotta be kiddin!

    Karen Mills - Only wimps hibernate! Not Florida Bears.

    Kathleen Yockey - Rad sled, dude bear. Love the tie dye! yaa!

    Barbara Mayes - Do ya wanna play?

    Nyeasia Pippin - Hey, aren't you that bear from the fabric softener commercial? Hey aren't you that dog from the Bush's baked beans commercial?

    Wendy Tait - It look like that you are one beary hot chick having a beary good time sledding

    Nyeasia Pippin-  "Hold on dude....SELFIE!!"

Captions submitted by some of the Giant Teddy Bears:

Brownie Cuddles: (sniff, sniff) Mmmm, Bear Jerky
(Cutie was not amused at that one)

Smiley Chubs: If lovin' you is wrong, I don't wanna be right...

Baby Tubs: No, no, no, I'm sure that I have the right of way! 

Willy Shags: Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?

Sunny Cuddles: If you lift your leg, I'll sue
(Cutie didn't find that one funny either)

And from Cutie Chubs himself:
My GOSH you are a devilishly handsome strapping big bear and you handle that sled with such skill! Can I have your 

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