Top Three Kid Birthday Gift Ideas

Monday, June 3, 2013

Are you a busy mom in search of the perfect birthday present?  Are you also on a tight budget and need an inexpensive gift? If you are running out of clever and affordable ideas, then check out these thrilling gifts that will delight any teddy bear lover on their birthday.  These three teddy bear birthday gifts are the best ways to surprise your son or daughter.  Your child is sure to love a cuddly hug from a furry friend on their special day.

Below are a few teddy bear gifts:
      Birthday Teddy Bear
Send a special birthday gift to your little one by surprising them with a personalized birthday teddy bear.  You can send your gift through a special teddy bear deliverythat can be sent straight to their doorstep.  From pink to blue, you can choose through an assortment of your child’s favorite colors to make his or her teddy bear extra special and unforgettable.
      Panda Teddy Bear
Does your son or daughter love pandas?  If so, then the panda teddy bear is the perfect gift.  From sizes giant to huggable, you can choose which panda teddy suits your child.  The panda teddy bear is the perfect birthday gift for long car rides.
      Stuffed Gorilla Troop
If you have a little explorer in your house, you may want to consider buying them a giant stuffed gorilla to take on their adventures. You can choose from the little Adonis gorilla or the princess cutie gorilla.  The stuffed gorilla is the perfect item for a child’s show and tell at school.

These three birthday gift ideas are sure to surprise your son or daughter on their special day.  If you are looking for more teddy bear gift ideas, be sure to contact the Giant Teddy Team at 714-312-5367.

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