A Giant Pink Teddy Bear Star is Born on ABC’s Modern Family

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cameras were flashing as Lady Cuddles arrived back at the Giant Teddy headquarters after filming on the set of ABC’s award-winning hit comedy, “Modern Family.” The giant pink teddy bear was seen arriving in her limo, signing several autographs for fans, as she made her way back to her teddy bear office.

Courtesy of ABC's Modern Family
Courtesy of ABC's "Modern Family" (Season 4, Episode 22 - "My Hero")
In an exclusive interview with the Teddy Times, Lady Cuddles had nothing but smiles as she talked about her television debut on the May 8thepisode entitled, My Hero. She gave high praise to her brilliant co-stars, Cam (played by Eric Stonestreet) and Mitch (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson) noting that they made her feel welcome and helped her make each scene great.  She said that the entire cast and crew of “Modern Family” were awesome, and that any bear would be lucky to work with such a talented group of people.

Lady Cuddles did all of her own stunts for the episode, saying she felt it was important to stay true to her craft, and downplayed the danger of a fluff injury she suffered during one of the scripted falls at the roller rink. “The show must go on, and after a brief rest, I was fine and able to continue filming,” said the cuddly bear star. 

She denied rumors about a brief romance with a Hollywood bad boy bear, and said she likes to keep things strictly professional when working. She also laughed at suggestions she might be the new heroine in a high profile action adventure, saying she wasn’t sure spy films were her thing, but winking when she mentioned she does like the number 007.

Asked about her future plans, Lady Cuddles indicated her first love will remain being an adorable giant pink teddy bear, just right for hugging, but that after a taste of the spotlight, she might consider future appearances on TV, or even in movies. She also said she would absolutely lend her celebrity bear status to a worthy cause that might need a giant pink teddy spokes bear.  We won’t be a bit surprised if the talented and beautiful pink Lady Cuddles makes more news in the world of giant teddy bear stars! 

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