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The Giant Teddy Difference: Not all BIG Teddy Bears are Created Equal

Monday, September 29, 2014

There are other oversized jumbo teddy bears in the world. But they don't carry the brand name of Giant Teddy.

What makes the difference?
Marty Shags, blue Giant Teddy bear, with his huge I Love You heart

We do not believe in cutting corners just to cut costs or mass market. Bears that might be sitting by someone sick, or playing with a baby (supervised!) should never make you wonder if they are new, clean and safe.

You never have to wonder with Giant Teddy.

Giant Teddy brand bears are made with new top quality materials that meet or EXCEED all US Safety Standards.

Our life size teddy bears are multi-cultural; their fur comes from China but they are designed in California and stuffed with love in California, given a big hug, and then sent to forever bear homes all over the United States and the world.

We use brand new, lightweight, non-clumping materials so that our bears look great and keep their bear-ish figures, while still being super soft, and so easy to hug and move around.

Why do we stress "new materials" in our descriptions? We love to be green and recycle, but our belief is that our stuffed furry friends need certified new hypoallergenic stuffing to be top quality and safe.

We offer amazing choices: lots of bear family styles, bears for special occasions, holidays, birthdays, just for love, and personalized. You can Shop by Size with us - bears range in size from 18in adorable bears to 72in HUGE teddy bears in lots of pawesomely beautiful fur colors.

One of the signatures of Giant Teddy brand bears is how unbelievably soft they are. So soft. Cuddly soft. Can't-stop-hugging-them soft!

AND... we humbly think they are some of the cutest teddy bears on earth.

All the bears would love to have you stop by our website and say HI - we bet at least one of them waves and asks to come live with you while you're there!

How can you resist that face?! Giant Teddy bears for Mother's Day.


Teddy Bear Team Captain: Komen Breast Cancer Race for the Cure

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lulu Shags is many things - big, pink, adorably cuddly. And our inspiring Team Captain for Giant Teddy in our upcoming Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!
Giant Teddy's Lulu Shags is our Team Captain in the Komen Race for the Cure
"If we find a cure for breast cancer, it will be the first domino in finding a cure for ALL cancers. And that is a day that teddy bears will celebrate along with our human friends. We love you all and hate to ever see you sick with that beastly disease." -Lulu Shags

Please Help! Lulu wants to stop breast cancer in it's tracks, and prove that a Teddy Bear can raise an amazing amount of donations. 

Donate Here - Thank you beary much!

Lulu has appeared on TV shows like, "Mike & Molly" and "Royal Pains" but she's just a down-to-earth teddy bear who wants to see the human world find a cure for breast cancer.

Breast cancer is all around you. You probably know more than one person in your life who is battling or has battled it. You might even be among that number yourself. We rejoice in those who are in remission, hope for those who are in treatment, and mourn those who didn't survive it.

When we all work together, we are so much stronger, and cancer should get ready to say bye-bye forever. Thank you for donating! It doesn't have to be a huge amount to make a BIG difference.

Meet all the big pink bears at Giant Teddy - During the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness, we'll donate 10% of net pink bear sales to Susan G. Komen Orange County Foundation. 

Read our press release

Giant Teddy bear Lulu Shags with Henry Winkler on the USA Network June, 2014

What is the Fall Equinox? Super Bear Explains...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey Super Bear... what's this "Fall Equinox" all about?

Super Bear knows EVERYTHING...well, that's what he tells us. 

I'm so glad you asked. It's time for an edition of Super Bear's "Seasons Explained!" Settle down, settle down, I know it's totally exciting...

An Equinox is all about Equal. In fact, the latin word Equinox is based on means "Equal Night." Wake up, this is interesting stuff! No more Latin I promise.

Monday September 22 is the official start of the Autumnal Equinox (a.k.a Fall) at 10:29pm ET.  But many calendars show the first day of fall being Tuesday. Some of that is timing, since the start in Universal Time is in the very early hours of Tuesday September 23.

But Tuesday IS the day when the whole world is EQUAL.

Tuesday 9/23/2014 the sun shines directly on the Equator, resulting in 12 equal hours of day and night for the WHOLE WORLD!

And it is the first full day of Fall. Go eat or drink something pumpkin-y to celebrate.

On Wednesday, the sun's path will move into the Southern Hemisphere, where people living will head towards warmer summer-type weather while people in the Northern Hemisphere (where Giant Teddy is based in the USA) move towards colder winter-type weather.

Meanwhile, all the big bears at Giant Teddy will be cute and adorable all year long, and happy to celebrate any Equinox with you!

Purple Sewsie Big Love, Giant Teddy brand bear

Next Time on Super Bear's thrilling series, "Seasons Explained" maybe he'll tell the exciting story of what a Solstice is, the thing that happens in December and makes it officially Winter...paws crossed...

Happy Fall, y'all!

When is the First Day of Fall this year?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

When Does Fall Start This Year?

All the Giant Teddy bears have been arguing about when the first day of fall is this year. Some say Monday, September 22 and some say Tuesday, September 23.
Sunny Cuddles is a big teddy bear who loves Fall & Halloween!

Which one? When does fall actually start?

The answer is complicated according to the experts. The reason is the timing - based on Universal Time it happens in the wee hours of Tuesday, but based on Eastern Time in the US, it happens at 10:29pm on Monday.

If you want the complete and OFFICIAL explanation, this one is great:

But all the big cuddly bears at our office have decided to celebrate fall on BOTH days! They love fall, with crisp air and changing leaves, and pumpkins everywhere. They love all the delicious fall treats like apple cider and pumpkin pie. And they love Halloween.

Brownie Cuddles holding his Happy Halloween orange plush heart - he's ready for fall!

So from all the humans & bears, Happy First Day of Fall... twice!

Happy Fall from Giant Teddy!

Homecoming Bears for Girls from Giant Teddy

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You supply the big mum, we'll supply the big bear... even the Homecoming Queen will envy your girl!

Giant Teddy bears for Homecoming will make your date soooo happy!
(shown: DeeDee Cuddles purple teddy bear, mum not included)

Fall, football, back-to-school... it's almost time for Homecoming weekend! Get ready for the big game with a big bear from Giant Teddy. 

All girls want to get a huge mum corsage for Homecoming, and if you also get her a huge teddy bear to go with it? You my friend will be her Homecoming King.

Giant Teddy has bears in every color and size you can imagine, perfect for matching school colors, or her favorite color.

Pick your favorite bear in sizes from cute and cuddly 18-24in to WOW impressive 4-6 feet.

Our Baby Shags bears are 18in of ADORABLE and perfect for a sweet Homecoming teddy bear gift

Or go big, really big and get her one of our life-size bears for Homecoming!

We can add a shirt to personalize your Homecoming teddy bear gift with your date's name - just ask us for ideas!

Personalize a Homecoming Teddy Bear from GiantTeddy.com

A Giant Teddy bear for Homecoming is a great gift idea for any girl - your own date, a current student, alumni visiting for the big game, your daughter or your mom!

Happy Homecoming Football Season from all the bears and humans at Giant Teddy.