Homecoming Bears for Girls from Giant Teddy

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You supply the big mum, we'll supply the big bear... even the Homecoming Queen will envy your girl!

Giant Teddy bears for Homecoming will make your date soooo happy!
(shown: DeeDee Cuddles purple teddy bear, mum not included)

Fall, football, back-to-school... it's almost time for Homecoming weekend! Get ready for the big game with a big bear from Giant Teddy. 

All girls want to get a huge mum corsage for Homecoming, and if you also get her a huge teddy bear to go with it? You my friend will be her Homecoming King.

Giant Teddy has bears in every color and size you can imagine, perfect for matching school colors, or her favorite color.

Pick your favorite bear in sizes from cute and cuddly 18-24in to WOW impressive 4-6 feet.

Our Baby Shags bears are 18in of ADORABLE and perfect for a sweet Homecoming teddy bear gift

Or go big, really big and get her one of our life-size bears for Homecoming!

We can add a shirt to personalize your Homecoming teddy bear gift with your date's name - just ask us for ideas!

Personalize a Homecoming Teddy Bear from GiantTeddy.com

A Giant Teddy bear for Homecoming is a great gift idea for any girl - your own date, a current student, alumni visiting for the big game, your daughter or your mom!

Happy Homecoming Football Season from all the bears and humans at Giant Teddy.

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