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NEW! Giant Koalas and Elephants at Giant Teddy

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

They're New, they're GIANT and they're soooo Adorable! Meet our Elephant Herd and our Koala Family, the latest members of the  huge, cuddly-soft stuffed animals on GiantTeddy.com

We make the biggest stuffed animals you've seen, without sacrificing The Cuddle Factor - they're huge, but still SO soft, cuddly, huggable and easy to move around. 

Meet the Elephant Herd at GiantTeddy.com

Meet the Koala Family at GiantTeddy.com

The Elephants:
Ellie is 24in (2ft)
Lucy is 30in (2.5ft)
Elvis is 36in (3ft)
Stampy is 48in (4ft)

The Koalas:
Quincy is 20in
Cooper is 34in
Quigley is 45in

Like ALL our huge stuffed animal friends, our Elephants and Koalas are made in the USA with top quality materials including the softest fur, and lightweight, non-clumping stuffing to keep them looking great...and of course they all pass our Huggability Testing because we won't sell any furry friends who aren't the cuddliest stuffed animals on earth. 

These are rare and hard to find in the sizes we make - surprise someone you love with an amazing gift, or make the gift for YOU (we think you deserve one, too!)

November's Beaver Supermoon is a BIG deal: Sunny Cuddles Explains It All

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sunny Cuddles Explains It All: Supermoons

Hi, I'm Sunny Cuddles from Giant Teddy. It's time for a super Supermoon!

Supermoons occur when they are closer to earth than normal, making them look bigger and brighter, or 'super' in size.

And it seems like supermoons are everywhere these days.

We had one in October. We'll have another one in December.

But the November 2016 Supermoon is kind of a big deal. Literally. 

What Makes This One Special?

This Supermoon will be closer to earth than any supermoon has been for almost 70 years. That's like... a whole human lifetime.

And it won't be this close again for another 20 years. So don't miss this one.

When can I see this Super Supermoon in the sky?

Officially, it will be 'super-est' on Monday November 14th.

For teddy bears & your human friends just looking at it in the night sky, it will look equally big on November 13th and 15th.

Why is it called a Beaver Moon?

This one is called a Beaver Moon, because the full moon at this time of year marked when the Algonquin Native American tribes and American colonists set beaver traps before the water froze. Beaver pelts were valuable to trade, and were warm winter furs.

*shudder* I'm glad they weren't setting Teddy Bear traps...

It's kind of complicated to observe a supermoon though. 

Are you ready for instructions?

You have to be outside or by a window. And you have to look up at the moon.

I know. You should probably practice. And do NOT let pie distract you.

Ohhhh... pie. It looks like a supermoon.

Be sure to watch for my next, "Sunny Cuddles Explains It All" blog. You can visit me and all my big teddy bear friends on GiantTeddy.com

Hugs are Medical Magic: Stress Awareness Day Advice from Dr. Giant Teddy Bear

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

It's National Stress Awareness Day... and hugs are the medical magic answer.

Hi, I'm Sunny Cuddles from Giant Teddy... I'm not a real doctor, but I pretend to be one on this blog.  

And sometimes when I write myself prescriptions for candy. Shhh. 

Sunny Cuddles from GiantTeddy.com - he's not a real doctor but he IS a Hug Expert!

Today is Stress Awareness Day, but I bet you are 'aware' of it on more days than you'd like.

I've got the best Prescription for Stress... and it's SO easy.


Giant Teddy Bear Hug Therapy on National Stress Awareness Day

Did you know that hugs can instantly help your mental and physical well being?

It's true.

Hugs Can:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce your Blood Pressure
  • Boost your Immune System
  • Improve your Mood
  • Raise Self Esteem Levels
  • Increase Relaxation/Lower Anxiety
  • Make you Happy
  • Speed Healing 
  • Improve your Memory
Why are hugs so medically magical? 

Hugging someone increases serotonin and natural oxytocin levels in your body, and they are both powerful players in making you happy and healthy. 

Hugging someone you love creates powerful medical magic! Bear Hugs for all.

The most powerful hugs come from someone you love or care deeply about, but hugs from anyone who is kind and genuine will boost your mood and your day. 

So make hugs part of every day, and leave stress behind in the dirt. And here are a lot of really big {{{BEAR HUGS}}} just to get you started. 

You can meet Sunny Cuddles and all his big bear friends on GiantTeddy.com

Halloween Teddy Bears Share Spooky Trivia

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hi! I'm Sunny Cuddles, a big cuddly bear from Giant Teddy. My bear friends and I think Halloween is lots of fun, so we have some special personalized shirts we wear and even some costumes. You can meet all the Halloween Teddy Bears on our website.

If you love Halloween, here is some fun trivia for you - and you may even know a lot of these facts already!

Did you know...

  • Halloween can be traced back to the Celtic people of Ireland and northern France.

  • Before pumpkin Jack-o-Lanterns, people carved turnips and potatoes & used candles inside to ward off evil spirits on Halloween.

  • Ancient Celts thought evil spirits wandered the earth on Halloween night intent on harming humans (luckily not teddy bears), so they began wearing masks and costumes to confuse the spirits walking among them. 

  • Halloween is second only to Christmas in popularity and retail holiday sales. 

  • Halloween candy sales average over 2 BILLION dollars in the US every year, with chocolate topping the list of favorite candy. It's possible my bear friends and I contribute to those sales...
  • Halloween colors are usually orange and black - orange for the harvest and black for darkness and death. Hold me, now I've scared myself.

  • Halloween is also called All Hallow's Eve, because it is the night before All Hallow's Day, or All Saint's Day on November 1. All Soul's Day is November 2. November 1 is also Samhain, the day ancient Celts declared the start of winter. There's a lot of history to remember with this since Halloween has been celebrated in one form or another for over 2000 years. 

Shaggy Cuddles Halloween Teddy bear from GiantTeddy.com

But the MOST important thing to know is this: if your teddy bear asks you for candy, you have to share. It's Teddy Bear law. You wouldn't want to break that, would you?

Happy Halloween from all the bears and humans at GiantTeddy.com

National Dessert Day: A Giant Teddy Photo Blog

Friday, October 14, 2016

It's National Dessert Day (hey - isn't that every day?) AND Friday... what will today bring for Giant Teddy bear Shaggy Cuddles?

Let's find out...

Carrots or Cupcake? It's the age old question...search your inner bear for the right answers, Shaggy Cuddles

The answer is clear. I'm not a bunny. I'm a big cuddly teddy bear. I need to keep my huggable figure. Cupcake. CUPCAKE! ALWAYS cupcake!

Chocolatey cupcake goodness...that's right, come to Papa!

Nothing but crumbs. And that's how it's done. Happy National Dessert Day from Shaggy Cuddles & all the bears & humans at GiantTeddy.com

If you'd like your own Giant Teddy bear to eat cupcakes with and celebrate random silly holidays, visit us at GiantTeddy.com to meet all our bears sizes 2-6ft tall in lots of colors and styles. 

Giant Teddy Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Holiday Gift Guide for Him? Yes!

Who says that guys don't want a big cuddly teddy bear for Christmas? Not us! There's just something kind of awesome about a Life Size Teddy Bear that even guys can appreciate.

Here are some of the top Giant Teddy bear gifts for guys trending on our site this holiday season.

Brownie Cuddles 72in (6ft) Dark Brown Teddy Bear
Video! Seeing is believing

Brownie Cuddles 6ft  Giant Teddy Bear: Musical Genius? 

Personalized Sunny Cuddles 72in (6ft) Mocha Teddy Bear

We get so many cute 3-5 word messages for guys from their girlfriends, daughters, wives and yes, even from their moms! Personalized 6ft Life Size teddy bear Sunny Cuddles in red heart shirt. 

Juju Cuddles 60in (5ft) Black Teddy Bear

Tall, Dark & Handsome! 5ft Life Size Black Teddy Bear from Giant Teddy Brand

Diamond Shags 45in Silver Teddy Bear

Diamond Shags Huge 45in Teddy Bear is almost 4ft tall with rich silvery gray fur. Only at GiantTeddy.com

Baby Tubs 42in Dark Brown Teddy Bear with "Let's Kiss" Pillow
42in Baby Tubs is BEARY popular because of the "Let's Kiss" pillow that comes with him! A great big cuddly romantic gift just for your guy. 

Chester Mittens 4 1/2 ft Chestnut Brown Teddy Bear/Body Pillow

This huge 4 1/2 foot teddy bear is Chester Mittens and he is big, soft and floppy - we hear so many customers say he's the perfect body pillow.

Sammy Chubs 48in (4ft) Sky Blue Teddy Bear

Sammy Chubs is 4ft tall and REALLY big and chubby! His beautiful sky blue fur makes him a favorite gift for guys of all ages.

Giant Teddy has so many sizes, colors and styles to choose from, everyone finds a favorite bear! All of the bears in our Holiday Gift Guide for Him are also available in other sizes and colors.

One of the BEST parts about giving your favorite guy a gift from Giant Teddy at the holidays? You get to hug and cuddle the bear, too! But don't kid yourselves. When nobody is looking, even big, tough guys sometimes need a bear hug that reminds them of the important women in their lives.

Easy Shopping Links at GiantTeddy.com

6 Foot Tall Giant Teddy Bears

Brown Teddy Bears

Personalized Teddy Bears

Shop by Teddy Bear Fur Color

No matter what gift you get your guy this holiday season, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Giant Teddy Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year - and an adorable cuddly teddy bear gift for her will make it extra special.

We're here to help with some bearrific ideas from Giant Teddy brand in our Ultimate Giant Teddy Bear Gift Guide for Her. 

You may have noticed that life size teddy bears are so popular right now, and Giant Teddy brand offers you some amazing choices in sizes, colors and styles.

So for the holidays, you could get her clothes or jewelry - or you could get her something cuddly to remind her of you whenever you can't be there to give her a hug!

We have so many styles, colors and sizes it would be impossible to list them all in this guide, but here are some of the favorite Giant Teddy Bear Gifts for Her our customers are purchasing this year:

Sunny Cuddles 6ft Mocha Teddy Bear OUR MOST POPULAR BEAR!

Lady Cuddles 72in (6ft) Pink Teddy Bear (She was on "Modern Family")

Video: Seeing is believing!

Lady Cuddles pink teddy bear from Giant Teddy on ABC's "Modern Family"

Rocky Xiong 6ft Panda Bear - Black & White & Adorable!

Giant Panda 6ft Tall

Coco Cuddles 72in Personalized (6ft) White Teddy Bear
A personalized Teddy Bear from Giant Teddy makes holidays extra special and memorable

DeeDee Cuddles 72in (6ft) Purple Teddy Bear
What girl wouldn't love a life size purple teddy bear like DeeDee Cuddles?

Daisy Cuddles 72in (6ft) Yellow Teddy Bear NEW COLOR!
Daisy Cuddles life size 6ft yellow teddy bear from Giant Teddy brand

VIDEO! Cozy Cuddles 72in (6ft) Vanilla Cream Life Size Teddy Bear

Lulu Shags 45in Pink Teddy Bear (She was on "Mike & Molly" and "Royal Pains" tv shows)

Lulu Shags on CBS's "Mike & Molly" tv show

Personalized 56in ChaCha Big Love Hot Pink Teddy Bear
That's a HUGE hot pink teddy bear personalized with your 3-5 word message from Giant Teddy brand

BooBoo Shags is 27in (just over 2ft tall) and for us, he's a "little guy" even though he's bigger than most teddy bears! He is always a favorite with the ladies every year. 
27in Giant Teddy brand BooBoo Shags Vanilla Cream teddy bear

Find her the perfect teddy bear with our handy GiantTeddy.com 
shopping links:

Giant Teddy Brand 6 Foot Life Size Teddy Bears 

Shop For Her Favorite Color Teddy Bear

Shop By Size for Giant Teddy Bears 2ft - 6ft tall

Whatever gift you choose, give it with love in your heart and it will be perfect for her.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from all the Bears & Humans at Giant Teddy!