Fun Birthday Party Games to Play with Stuffed Bears!

Monday, June 20, 2022

Stuffed Bears

Needless to say, birthdays are the most special occasions for kids. However, it can sometimes be challenging to come up with an original and fun kids' birthday party theme and ideas. But with stuffed bears around, you don't need to worry about making your kid's birthday a smashing hit. You can play a lot of games and do fun activities with a
birthday teddy to keep little ones entertained for a couple of hours. Though you can think out of the box and invent new games with plush toys, we have listed some age-old birthday party games that you can make more interesting and fun with stuffed animals.

Here are a few teddy bear games you should add to your kid's birthday party celebrations. 

Pass The Bear

We all have played pass the ball game in our childhood. Now you can make this game more fun for your kid's birthday party by replacing the ball with a stuffed bear. Are you wondering how to play with a bear? Well, let the kids sit in the circle on the ground and give them a bear to pass from one to another kid while music plays. Once the music stops, the kid who is holding the bear will be out. You know what to do next; no need to tell further! Make children play this fun game at your kid's birthday party and let them have the best time of the evening.

Teddy Hide & Seek

You must be speculating about how you can play hide and seek with a plush bear, right? No need to guess any further because we have come up with a really fun way! Get small stuffed animals and hide them all. Now, ask children to find them within a set time limit. To uplift the spirit of children, let them keep the ones they find. But do keep some extras to hand out to those children who don't find any at the end of the game! What a lively and rewarding game to play with teddies!

Stuffed Bear Rescue

This game is to be played in teams, so divide the kids into two groups or teams. Also, divide the plush teddy bears among both teams equally. Now, put the stuffed bears in troublesome situations or anomalous positions from which they need to be rescued. For example, a bear stuck in a tree or between cushions. Ask each team to rescue all these bears. The first team that saves the maximum number of bears wins the game. You can also reward the winning team with little gifts. Since kids play the game in a team, it is a great way to nurture your kid's social and teamwork skills. 

Guess the Stuffed Animal

Here are the rules to play this game; firstly, get all the stuffed animals you have and put them in a large bag or big basket. After this, blindfold the kid and ask them to pull out a random animal. Now, the player has to feel the shape of a plush animal to guess what animal it is; whether it is a stuffed monkey or a stuffed koala? Do not give them more than one minute to guess the name of the animal. Also, to make it more fun, give some points for the right answer while deducting the points for every wrong answer. It is an excellent game to assess the knowledge of children regarding animals.

Teddy Bear Fashion Show

You can organize a teddy bear fashion show for your kid's birthday party! All you need is some amazing baby outfits and accessories for teddy bears. Ask kids to dress up teddies and style them with accessories. Now, make a runway in the living room and show off these well-dressed teddies in the fashion show. Let every kid walk on the ramp with a dressed-up cute teddy bear in hand. Of course, you can also dress up little ones in fashion style. Also, make it more real by playing a fashion week theme song or a party song in the back. This game will allow kids to show their creativity in the fashion domain.

Musical Chairs with Stuffed Animal

A musical chair is one of the most admired games that every child loves to play! Make it more interesting for children by including stuffed toys in the game. Set up the party space for the musical chairs game. As per the rules of the game, each kid will hold a plush brown teddy bear. Now, play the music and once it stops, ask kids to place their stuffed bears in the chairs instead of sitting themselves. As the tradition goes, the player whose animal is left unseated will be out of the game. 


So, these are a few teddy bear games you can organize to play with kids and give them a time of their life with some great memories. There are many more such fun games and activities that you can do with stuffed teddy bears. Plan these games and enjoy the teddy bear happy birthday theme party. Moreover, you can make the day more special for your kid by gifting them a huggable big stuffed animal. Trust us when we say cuddly stuffed animals make the best gifts for kids. However, choosing the right place to buy premium quality stuffed toys at the best price can sometimes be hard for moms and dads everywhere. But don't worry anymore because Giant Teddy is your one-stop destination to buy teddy bears for your little ones! So, visit the website now without any further ado.

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