Video Blog: Seeing Is Believing... Giant Teddy Brand Life Size Bears Oh. Yeah.

Thursday, October 14, 2021
Online shopping is awesome but sometimes it is hard to imagine just how BIG a Life Size Teddy Bear 6 Feet Tall really is...and it is bigger than most people can imagine!

Seeing is believing. Visit our YouTube Channel for more videos showing you our Giant Teddy bears in all sizes, including life size 72in (6ft) teddy bears.

It's the next best thing to seeing one in person, and you can literally see their quality construction and extra soft cuddly-ness on screen that is part of the Giant Teddy brand difference between our bears and "others" out there.

Shown here:
Shaggy Cuddles amber brown 6ft teddy bear and
a Backyard Party of 6ft Teddy Bears from Giant Teddy

Giant Teddy brand stands out in a crowd, with the most choices in size, style and color of any jumbo stuffed animal teddy bear company you'll find. Our level of softness, light weight non-clumping stuffing and top quality materials that meet or exceed all US Safety standards is kind of... well, WOW! Wow.

Come meet all the bears at Giant Teddy and find your favorite.

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